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Mon, 25th May. 2020, 00:00
The one-stop Pokémon post

Last update: 13 December 2011
Note: At the moment I only have reliable wifi at home, so if you want to trade right away and I can't manage it, please don't take it personally!

Pokémon White - name: Grey // OT: 46280 // SID: 13611 // FC: 2838-2340-7591
Pokémon Black - name: Terne // OT: 14964 // SID: 11970 // FC: 2022-3335-0572

Other OTs: Ruby (65342, Emerald), Deph (45067, Diamond), Gunner (63952, Pearl), Gold (62679, HeartGold), Lyra (17448, SoulSilver) - Colosseum and XD forthcoming!

Stuff to note:
  • I RNG manipulate for perfect IVs. I don't think it's cheating, but I'm putting this up front in case you do.
  • Everything is free if I know you at all! Trade me a Pidgey or something. :D
  • Everything has Pokérus, is untrained except for possibly Daycare, has one of the OTs listed above and can be assumed fully redistributable, unless stated otherwise. (I'd appreciate it if you could ask before cloning anything, though.)
  • You can also assume I have only one of anything listed here.
  • Where I list IVs (which generally means they were bred for Hidden Power typing), the order goes HP / Attack / Defense / Sp. Attack / Sp. Defense / Speed.
  • If you want a specific Pokémon, just ask! I have a complete Pokédex apart from event legendaries, so most things are fair game.
  • I'll do EV training too, and breeding projects as long as the movesets you want are obtainable in Gen V (or if they aren't, but you don't care about IVs).
  • Nicknames will be from whatever fandom I'm into at the time unless you ask for something in particular.

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Stuff I'll have laterCollapse )

Stuff I'm looking forCollapse )

Thu, 27th Sep. 2012, 11:36

Settled in a bit, I think. Problem is, what I've settled into is having this flat to myself, and barring anything drastic (which I'm not quite ruling out, but...) flatmate will arrive tomorrow around lunchtime. The place seems about big enough for me; I don't know about two people... Hopefully she'll keep to herself and it'll be more or less the same as last year in halls, just a bit more cramped.

If it wasn't for the bills, I'd probably refuse to advertise. It's probably unhealthy, but there you go. :\

Mum was going to drop by round about the weekend, but she got too worried and bumped it up to yesterday, when she expressed surprise that I hadn't completely flooded the bathroom yet and took me out for lunch. That means she can't drop by again for another couple of weeks, though.

I miss her already. Kid brother is almost an afterthought, and stepdad barely registers, which is probably terrible of me.

Sun, 23rd Sep. 2012, 12:30

As of half an hour ago, Mum and kid brother have gone back home and I have officially moved into this flat. I have yet to stop crying.

It's not home yet. It's hardly unfamiliar by now, but it's too cold and dark and quiet and inexplicably (if not physically) huge for that.

It turned out for the better that I had to do it this early, I guess. Maybe in a week's time, when term starts, I'll be slightly less of a wreck. Would hate to think what would happen otherwise.

The quintessentially British way of dealing with this would be to make a cup of tea. I could do that. But I still have to put the shopping away and get the clothes out of the dryer and put them away and fix my computer that I broke horribly last month by failing to read the update instructions and make sure my timetable's right and reacquaint myself with how the fuck to do maths...

I'm not sure I'm cut out for this.

Thu, 6th Sep. 2012, 12:38

I don't think I habitually post much about this kind of thing, but...Collapse )

Tue, 28th Aug. 2012, 16:21

On Friday, Mum had the bright idea of driving all of us down to take the Eurostar and go to France for the Bank Holiday weekend. Her enthusiasm was not dampened when I pointed out we could book neither the train nor anywhere to stay without a functional internet connection, and going without booking would maybe not be the greatest idea considering it's still just about August. It did, however, peter out by itself on Sunday in the car about twenty minutes away from London. So we wound up hanging around there for an awkward afternoon, then stopped overnight in my flat in Coventry (where the internet works!) because she didn't feel like driving all the way back home straight away but didn't want the trouble of finding a couple of rooms in London either.

And, you know, I didn't really mind. London's all right to visit. When we're there as a family, we always end up in Chinatown before long, and this was no exception - but we did visit a few of the stereotypical touristy things afterwards (which kid brother had never seen, and I hadn't since I was about his age), or at least walked past them: Buckingham Palace (didn't spot any parachutes), Trafalgar Square, hopping on and off a couple of red buses just for the hell of it... Kid brother wanted to go on the London Eye, but knowing what he's normally like in any queue that lasts longer than two seconds, his parents decisively shot him down; we just looked at it from across the river and took photos. Oh, and we went for a walk around the Olympic Paralympic Park, which was unsettlingly quiet. (Spotted a handful of athletes, though! That was neat!) Then we got lost in the shopping centre next to it on the way back to the station. So that was okay, in retrospect. Unfortunately, for me, breakfast was non-existent, lunch wasn't fantastic - one of the many, many tiny out-of-the-way diners in Chinatown, where I didn't recognise anything on the menus and stupidly asked Mum to pick something at random for me; next time I'm going to ask stepdad, who is, y'know, a chef... - and dinner was kid brother's leftovers after he insisted on stopping at a service station for KFC, so I was horribly cranky the entire time, I'm sorry to say.

Then yesterday, since we were there and it was still Bank Holiday weekend, we drove down to Stratford-upon-Avon before heading home. It's a really lovely town even if it is so blatantly touristy - I should go there by myself sometime, since it's not far from Coventry at all - and would have been lovelier still if it hadn't started chucking it down partway through the afternoon. Before that, we visited a little waxworks-ish thing about the Tudors that was clearly ripped wholesale from inspired by Horrible Histories (I think I would've drunk that stuff down ten years ago; my brother got scared by the voice clips they were playing and hid behind Mum until she shepherded him out early), poked around the market a little and had some terribly overpriced fish and chips. After that, we decided screw it and did go home.

I guess it was fun, all things considered. My mood could've been better, and probably nobody else enjoyed having to put up with it, but feeling like a massive asshole in the fresh air among other tourists made a nice change from feeling like a massive asshole while lying around this house like the useless lump I am.

In other news, stepdad is opening a second restaurant next month! And then he's going back to Warwick to ask again if he can open one there, because last year they told him he didn't have enough experience. For selfish and lazy reasons, I hope they let him this time :D (No, that isn't the reason why he's going for Warwick in particular, I'm not that much of a brat... but it would be nice all the same!)

Thu, 28th Jun. 2012, 17:31

I passed my first year, y'all!! I don't even need to resit anything!

Needed a 2:1 to stay on the honours course, a 2:2 not to be kicked out entirely... and I got a 2:1! A pretty decent one, too! I went to see my tutor to get the marks breakdown and she told me if they'd rounded the marks up instead of down, it would've been a First - it was that borderline. But I can't bring myself to be all that frustrated, because I passed. I passed my first year at uni, people.

As for that marks breakdown... predictably my maths is better than my physics, but not all of the physics was terrible! Apart from Mechanics, which ahahaha was the one exam I pretty much did no revision for, they were all comfortable passes! So that was a nice surprise, because I was all set to spend July hitting the books. Well, it's probably a good idea in any case, but at least there's no pressure any more. |D On the other end of things, my highest mark was in Java Programming, which was nice because that was a big friggin' module and there's a C Programming module next year I had my eye on.

I am just melting with relief right now, seriously. I had to sit down at a cafe table by myself after seeing the pass list because I didn't feel up to walking back straight away. It's only the first year, I know, and it gets much rougher... but I passed. I apparently can actually do this course - not amazingly by any means, but solidly! I apparently can cope with university, even. For me, after the spate of off days I've been having for a few months, this is a big fucking deal. I'm not sorry.

(I'm sorry for all the italics and exclamation marks, though! The alternative was capslock.)

Sat, 2nd Jun. 2012, 20:47
Pokémon 30-day meme, day 12

Day 5 - Favorite legendary Pokémon

Latias! She's cute, she's got a great design - telepathic light-manipulating jetplane-dragon, what part of that description is not awesome? - and she rips metagames apart without trying. Also, red is my favourite colour |3 Currently I have a Latias called River (after Tam, although Song works too) on my forever team on White; she doesn't fight, but the field moves she learns happen to perfectly complement those of my beloved shiny Linoone... and her cry sounds nicer than her brother's, which stops being a minor thing when you have to listen to it every time you use Fly.

Back when Gen III came out and my favourite colour was blue instead, I liked Latios more (and he's sort of the underdog, IIRC?). He's still very much up there. Wish I had a decent one for the Battle Subway.

and the restCollapse )

Sat, 2nd Jun. 2012, 13:30

As of 11:30 this morning, exam season for me is officially half over! Ten days' break, another three days of Physics exams, and that'll be the end of my first year (apart from resits, of which I will certainly need at least one, but I don't care about them just yet). Hard to believe. Quite a lot of people are already finishing, but I'm not going to complain about having more revision time. And, um, time to do things other than revision. (I mentioned I got DVDs for my birthday, right? Then I went for a walk because it was my birthday and I can go for walks whenever the hell I want, and by sheer coincidence there happened to be a sale going on in the SU atrium on the same day, so I bought myself an Eddie Izzard DVD as well. They're all sitting up there on the shelf, staring.)

Boring summary of exams follows. Oh yeah, today I was sitting at desk 104, which I thought was a bit funny. Need to replay that game sometime.Collapse )

As for what happens next... well, I'd like to spend the rest of the weekend doing absolutely nothing productive at all. Maybe I'll make a musebox! For no reason, because I might as well just write fanfic, but that would be productive. In a sense.

Fri, 25th May. 2012, 16:17
Pokémon 30-day meme, day 4

Day 4 - Favorite Eeveelution

If Eevee itself doesn't count (and it should! Look how fluffy it is!), then I'm torn between Jolteon and Espeon. Jolteon has the coolness factor and a tendency to kick all kinds of ass ingame, but Espeon... if you weren't really attached to it, you wouldn't have one, would you? Plus, Synchronise is neat. And Magic Bounce would be neater, if I had one. *completed that annoying minigame ages ago for one but the promotion expired before I could get wifi access, grumble grumble*

and the restCollapse )

Fri, 25th May. 2012, 00:08

It's Towel Day / the Glorious Twenty-Fifth of May / my birthday! It is today. Actually, as I'm typing this it isn't quite yet, but it will be in about an hour and I can just leave the tab open until then.

Definitely won't be doing anything that I haven't been doing since Tuesday (i.e. procrastinating, panicking, more procrastinating and then melting because holy crap what's going on I thought this was England), though apparently the family might drop by tomorrow instead, which will make a change. Even if I wanted to do something noteworthy, who would I do it with? -_- But at least that means I can already list off this year's haul with confidence:

- some money so that I can splurge on games at some point in the post-exam future without it coming out of my student loan. Hooray!
- the first FMA anime S1, S2 and movie on DVD; hey, guess what fandom I'm still new enough to that I haven't progressed past the everything-is-beautiful gushing stage yet?
- emails from forums I forgot I ever registered at (this is standard)
- a bottle of non-Diet Coke - picked it up today and put it in the fridge, because what the hell, I haven't had one in forever
- angst
- pocket lint.

As for what games... obviously it would be a terrible idea to buy any before next month, so I've got a bit of time to decide. Whenever anywhere allows preorders of Pokémon BW2 in English, they'll be first, but after that? Either sitting on the rest until more preorderable things (read: ANIMAL CROSSING MY PRECIOUS, COME TO ME) come out, or getting something like FFXII that I planned to play at some point but wasn't terribly desperate for. Don't worry, I'm not going to save it for a rainy day seriously weather make up your mind we had two solid weeks of them and now this; I'm great at frivolous spending.

Thu, 24th May. 2012, 11:46
Pokémon 30-day meme, day 3

Day 3 - Favorite starter Pokemon

Torchic! It's a fluffy orange baby chicken, what's not to love? Even its Pokédex entries pretty much order you to give it a hug! Combusken is a bit silly-looking by comparison, but it doesn't stay like that forever, and Blaziken is just awesome. Yeah, yeah, Fire/Fighting-type starters, but Blaziken did it first. Also, Sapphire from Pokémon Special has one, and she's badass.

I like Torchic so much that the first time I had one, I held off on evolving him until level... 50ish? Probably would have left it longer, except the Elite Four were kind of thrashing me. He also won a Master Rank Beauty contest even though I had no idea what I was doing. It's mildly funny to see all the NPCs gush about how ~*fabulous*~ your fluffy orange baby chicken is.

Cyndaquil comes very close. It has the advantage that its middle stage doesn't look weird. Also, Piplup, which doesn't have that but is still cool.

and the restCollapse )

Wed, 23rd May. 2012, 20:00
Pokémon 30-day meme, day 2

Day 2 - Your least favourite Pokémon

Boldore. Before BW, I couldn't imagine disliking a Pokémon any worse than I did Graveler. (Golbat's more annoying to deal with, but I can put up with it because at least it turns into something cool.) Then along comes this thing, which is not only even uglier - look at it! - but is in basically every single cave purely because they couldn't use Graveler, and unlike Graveler it's guaranteed to have the newly-buffed fuck-your-flawlessly-bred-perfectly-EVed-mon-I'm-a-goddamn-Boldore ability Sturdy. For that matter, you can't even EV train off them as well as you could using Graveler... So you kill it, soaking up the useless EVs, wasting twice as much PP as you need to because of course the trainers and various branching paths in the caves weren't doing a good enough job of that, take three more steps, and oh hi again how've you been? I'M JUST TRYING TO CATCH A HALF-DECENT JOLTIK. I DON'T NEED THIS.

Dishonorable mentions: The Tympole line. Replace "cave" with "pond" and it's more or less the same situation. They don't have Sturdy, which is nice... just a 50% chance of outspeeding and launching a rain-powered Water move at you before dying in one hit. And they're also uglier, which is obviously the most important detail.

and the restCollapse )

Tue, 22nd May. 2012, 15:54

Counselling, I had it. Probably won't do it again.Collapse )

Meanwhile, lectures are now over for me and my first exam is a week tomorrow. I shouldn't be typing that. I shouldn't be typing anything at all. But my current drug of choice, while entirely too distracting (seriously, I've never had the urge to RP plotless fluff before and now I really want to even though I'm too shy to do much with memes, what's wrong with me), apparently isn't distracting enough, so here's a thing. Stolen from Tumblr because I can. Social medium inertia, woo! \o/


Pokémon 30-day meme, day 1

Day 1 - Your favourite Pokémon

No surprise if you've heard/read me talking about Pokémon at any point ever: Tyranitar! Indisputably badass, adorable in a certain light, and full of character without ending up with a noisy design. I mean, I'm a Digimon fan, of course noisy designs are cool too, but sometimes all you want to sic on your opponent is a friggin' kaiju made of rock.

I never did manage to raise one until Generation IV rolled around, but I think that might be part of the appeal; if you want one of these babies, you'd better be willing to work for them. And when they finally grow up, it's like a parental moment. :'D Currently I've got three - one on HeartGold for the Frontier and because the little walking sprite is just too cute, the other two for the Subway on White, one for singles and one for doubles. Just a couple more and I'll have an army.

Honorable mentions: Skarmory, Torchic, Lati@s. I like birds. ♥

and the restCollapse )

Fri, 4th May. 2012, 20:59

TorchigiruCollapse )

Tue, 1st May. 2012, 13:37

So... yesterday I kind of came out to my mum.Collapse )

Sun, 1st Apr. 2012, 15:24

Look, I draw shit! (The best way to parse that sentence? However you want! Except literally, because ew no.)

Meanwhile in the Xros Wars universe: CERN, SwitzerlandCollapse )

Sat, 31st Mar. 2012, 15:06
Digimon 30-day meme, day 114

Day 29: Favourite quote.

The entire episode this comes from is beautiful, of course, but I like this scene because you could totally take it out of context if your shipper goggles were on too tight!

"Have you ever fallen in loooove?"

That's the best I have... The thing about the dub is, for better or worse, it's a lot more quotable. :| YOU'VE GOT MAAAA- whoops, I mentioned that in the last post already, didn't I?

Day 30: An unpopular opinion.

How about ALL the unpopular opinions? I had unpopular opinions before they were popular! The main reason these opinions aren't shared by many other people is because nobody else cares, but... I'll just talk about one right now, though, since in the wake of a certain finale it's especially appropriate:

I like Tagiru.

Honestly. There are a lot of complaints you could legitimately level at him, although I'm having trouble coming up with one that couldn't apply to some earlier season as well - he's flat except for a couple of quirks that get brought up and quickly forgotten? Hello, half of 02! Disproportionate amount of screen time? The Takuya and Kouji Show! Entirely too generic among goggleheads, especially compared to the one immediately before him? Well... he has hot-bloodedness that will pierce the heavens and Takuya is a Power Ranger, I'd say they're about even.

When I think about Tagiru, I see... maybe not an interesting character as presented, but a sizeable pile of suggestions and random tidbits that could easily make him into one. So he wants to be a superstar - okay, why? And where'd he get the fixation on Taiki in particular apart from it being a physical law of the XW 'verse that everybody wants Taiki? He's possibly the friendliest kid in the world and he seems to know everyone by name, but he hardly hangs out with anybody not named Gumdramon unless there's a "business" reason - could that be a hint at some background? When he jumps so readily into the Hunt despite the obvious danger, is that just hot-bloodedness too or does he have something more to prove?

Am I grasping at straws? Obviously! But I do like him. I can't help it. And not just his theme song.

That's all, folks!Collapse )

Now watch me go back to never posting again. :3

Thu, 29th Mar. 2012, 14:04
Digimon 30-day meme, day 112

Day 26: What crest would you have?

Hufflepuff. No, wait, hang on.

I'll say Friendship. It's not the Crest that I'd be the most thrilled about getting (that would be Knowledge! Who wouldn't want to know their shit and be as competent as Koushirou? Or maybe Faithfulness, that would be nice too), and I don't think it's a dominant personality trait of mine right now. But I say right now, because the Crests weren't just about slotting their respective Chosen into stereotypes - each of them was an entire character arc. And I see... quite a lot of me in Adv!Yamato. He comes across as a loner, even cultivates that image, but really needs human connections at least as much as the next kid; he has friends right from the start, but he doesn't appreciate them enough; he finds it hard to distinguish fleeting connections from meaningful ones to steal wording from some meta on Tumblr the other day, so he's convinced that the others wouldn't care about him if he didn't have a purpose, namely looking after Takeru; when he fails at that purpose he's invested so much of himself in (or worse, when it turns out to have been totally unnecessary all along), he pretty much snaps because he doesn't think he has a support network to fall back on. But he learns. That kind of thing sounds appealing.

Also I angst a bit too, but you could tell that.

Day 27: Would you ever have a Digimon for a pet?

Do they count as pets if they're sapient beings? I would totally want a partner, though! Or even just somebody who I could hang out with sometimes, like Culumon was to the Tamers except with not so much kidnapping. My very first terrible Digimon OC was a girl with a Tsukaimon (Virus-type Patamon palette swap, if you've never played Digimon World) who was pretty much a snarky head pet, and I have to admit I'm still attached to the idea. :3

Day 28: English names vs Japanese names (Which do you prefer?).

Japanese. Yeah, I know, weeaboo. I did watch the dub first (of the first four seasons, anyway); I even like it a lot, think there are lots of moments which it pulled off at least as well as the original ("WE DO DESERVE TO EXIST!" "YOU'VE GOT MAAAAAAIL!!") and would defend it against anyone. But... I only realised I actually loved this franchise after discovering subs. And, apart from Frontier (which I seriously need to revisit at some point), I've watched more subs than dubbed episodes.

Having said that, I don't mind what set of names other people use, like in fic. It doesn't affect anything too important. Actually, in fic, I'd rather read something with only dubbed names and terms than something more mix-and-match when the writer obviously knows the dub better. That might just be a personal quirk, though.

everything elseCollapse )

Wed, 28th Mar. 2012, 21:08
Digimon 30-day meme, day 111

Day 22: Favourite villain.

Hard to say - I mean, I assume this question is about villains being effective or memorable instead of likeable, but there are still a few different ways to gauge them! As an interesting character: even though he only showed up after 02 had gone completely off the rails, Oikawa was pretty compelling. Plus, unlike what arguably happened with other characters in this franchise *cough*KenKouichiYuu*cough*, there wasn't enough of the season left after his redemption for him to get completely sidelined. In terms of scariness: the D-Reaper, no contest. Though, slightly more than the J-Reaper, I actually find the little bird-like agents that show up early on to be the creepiest. The way they're introduced... brrr.

Day 23: Least favourite villain.

I'd actually count "amount that I cheered when they finally went down" as a measure of villain effectiveness too, but apparently not? I don't know. It used to be Piemon - the visceral satisfaction I get when Angemon finally hits Perfect and proceeds to walk all over him is probably never going to change. Then that honour was usurped by DarkKnightmon, who was approximately as smug but had so many more episodes for it to show (god, him and his stupid laugh). But I finished watching Savers the other day, so now it's unequivocally Kurata. Fuck Kurata.

Day 24: Favourite minor character.

Who qualifies as minor? I mean, in Hunters my favourite character outside of the old Xros Heart gang is Hideaki, but I swear by the end he'd had at least as many lines as Ren and about as much plot impact (i.e. basically none) (actually, did he have more? He helped hunt MetallifeKuwagamon, he cornered Old Clock Dude for Tagiru that one time...) (oh well, not like there was much plot to impact). Meh. On less confusing grounds: Hiroaki and the other parents in Adv, Iori's grandfather in 02, all of the not-Janyuu-or-Shibumi!Wild Bunch plus Reika (and Megumi I guess?) in Tamers, Miki and whoever the other one is in Savers. It's nice to have grown-ups who actually Do Things, okay. :< Oh, and Kaoru in Hunters was fairly cool too. I think I liked the not-Chosen kids in Frontier, but I don't even remember their names so I can't have liked them that much.

Day 25: Favourite episode.
Adv: OUR WAR GAME asdffds too many. :( 21 is the most obvious one, but I've also racked up a few rewatches of 43 (first Pinocchimon ep) and 48+49 (Mugendramon being evil, Taichi being big-brotherly, Koushirou being awesome, Hikari being Hikari). And the ending. That ending. :'|||
02: Another predictable answer! 23, a.k.a. Ken angsts for 20 minutes straight. Though it wouldn't have been my answer until a short while ago when I realised I had a crush on Romi Park's voice went back and rewatched it. Runner-up is 38, the Christmas ep and crusher of many shippers' dreams.
Savers: This should be the clearest in my mind, but it's not. ._. Were the episode where they all start climbing Yggdrasil and the episode where Masaru could suddenly fly the same episode, or were they consecutive? If they were the same, it's that one.
Xros Wars: XW proper, I don't even care. Hunters: 24. That is all.

everything elseCollapse )

Sat, 17th Mar. 2012, 22:50

THIS WEEK I DON'T HAVE SCREENCAPS (because I would basically be reposting everything that happened). I have only SQUEE. In capslock!Collapse )

Sun, 4th Mar. 2012, 17:28
Digimon 30-day meme, day 87

I'm still in fangirl mode from Hunters yesterday, so let's make some headway with this! ♥

Day 19: A moment that made you happy.

So very many (and, um, the last five minutes of Hunters yesterday already rank up there). Season by season, then?
Adv - All those sappy family moments in the Vamdemon arc, because I am a sap. Particularly the Izumis. Any of the major character epiphanies that preceded new evolutions / asskicking. Oh, and of course the turning point in the last battle. X3
02 - Episode 38, the Christmas one. But that's a whole episode, so I can't say that. Hmm... I guess the part in the finale where all of the Chosen showed up was pretty damn happy-making, whatever came afterwards.
Tamers - though I could recap about half of the series here, one moment in particular stands out for me, and it's totally unoriginal, but: the very last bit. I like movie 6 and the drama CD, but that is where I kind of think the whole series was going - showing that even in a cynical world, after all the heartbreak, just the bond between a couple of best friends is enough to break the laws of the universe. :'D
Frontier - Oh hell, I don't even remember. The ending definitely counts, though! ...I think?
Xros Wars - They didn't do a whole lot of anything, but unexpected Akari + Zenjirou were pretty nice to see.

Day 20: A moment that made you sad.

Easy! Every ending. Apart from Frontier's, because that one made me happy. And Xros Wars, which I think was going for sad but didn't really strike me as anything. And 02, which went in totally the opposite direction. So... not that easy?
Adv - This ending definitely, though. DDDD: And Taichi's big brother angst - the bit during the Mugendramon episodes where he just breaks down because he feels so helpless. ;-; And, earlier than that, the episode where Taichi goes home; there's that part towards the end where Hikari grabs his wrist trying to make him stay, and she loses her grip, and as he's pulled away from her he reaches back down... I like Taichi. Um, some things with Yamato or Koushirou too, but I'm blanking on particular moments for those.
Tamers - EVERYTHING ;o; Juri, full stop, even as early as Leomon's debut. Ruki dumping falling out with Renamon. The end of the Dukemon + Beelzebumon fight... oh, I guess that counts as a Juri moment, though. As does the scene where she refuses to escape from the D-Reaper kernel with Beelzebumon. Parental moments like Jen's mother's reaction to Shiuchon's disappearance and Hajime driving a fucking van into the D-Reaper. ...Yeah, everything.
Frontier - Kouichi! D:
Xros Wars - The midpoint of the series when Taiki is suddenly nice to Akari + Zenjirou as compensation for kicking them out of the main cast was actually pretty well done.

Day 21: A moment that made you angry.

Um, I can't think of enough of these for season-by-season... The clear winner is this one moment in ep 34 of Tamers. Yes, if you weren't sure, it is what you're thinking of. But honorable mentions go to other times when villains do villain things, particularly the smug ones like DarkKnightmon and early-to-mid-season Yamaki. Also, I get pretty ticked off at Jen for being so rubbish in the episodes between Shiuchon becoming a Tamer and the Zhuqiaomon fight snapping him out of it.

everything elseCollapse )

Sat, 3rd Mar. 2012, 22:50

Eeeeeee! (Small low-quality picspam and massive freakin' Digimon spoilers under cut.)Collapse )

...Eeeeee. ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

This reminds me - I should update that big damn honorifics post for Hunters...

Sat, 18th Feb. 2012, 19:19

'Sup, LJ! :D Doesn't time fly when you have entirely too many homework deadlines? I feel like I'm wasting my studenthood somehow... but meh, if I wasn't here, I'd have to go and find a proper job. And I'm not failing everything yet, which is good, I guess.

Today I decided I'd start using Tumblr. Problem is, I really have no idea what Tumblr is for except for stuff that's longer than 140 characters and that I don't feel like sharing with RL folks such as the enormous (~20) number of people on my FB feed. Oh, and I guess being able to answer questions, but I'm no artist so that feature probably wasn't meant for me.

Slightly less recently, which is to say at the start of this week, I sat down and watched the entirety of Fullmetal Alchemist (the first one) in three sittings. In a word: squee!Collapse )

Relatedly, I had the urge to pick up LJ RP again for the first time in a while. But everyone's moved to IJ or DW, haven't they? Man, I wish I had any idea where all of my fandoms had gotten to these days. Anyway, if by some chance you're reading this and can recommend any moderately-sized, moderately-active, not-particularly-adult panfandom games on LJ, IJ or DW, I would love you even more than I already do. ♥ Or even dressing rooms? Never actually tried one of those, though...

More importantly!


Digimon 30-day meme, day 72

Day 16: A character you would not get along with.

Tough question - all the main characters in this franchise end up as pretty awesome people :( I suppose I wouldn't have many opportunities to get to know the sportier types like Tagiru or Zenjirou since I don't share their hobbies, but then Tagiru is such an outgoing guy that it probably wouldn't matter in his case (even ignoring his track record of befriending Nerds of the Week)... Maybe more likely candidates would be the stubborn ones instead of the purely hot-blooded ones. Eh.

Day 17: Best dressed character.

Gotta say, even though Takuya, Masaru, Kouichi, Hunters!Yuu and Hideaki dress pretty low-key by Digimon standards, I think they really work. Not just because - okay, possibly just because they're the kinds of outfits I'd like to get to work. :D On top of those, I'm a fan of Ruki's badass longcoat and Taichi's winter outfit in 02. Also, Zenjirou's shirt when he shows up in Hunters is the most epic shirt ever. (Come back to the show! We miss you!)

Day 18: Worst dressed character.

Well, this franchise has a lot of outfits that should look terrible but generally don't (like Jen's odd sense of colour coordination, any gogglehead's goggles, Taichi and Tagiru's garish shirts or Daisuke's... thing). However - Junpei, what the hell is that? o_o Miyako's Digital World outfit isn't the most flattering either, and Akari looks so much better in uniform. Taiki's outfit in the first half of the season bugged me, but I think it's just his blue shirt that clashes; I mean, if it was yellow instead, he'd just look like Takuya. And it's not particularly unstylish, but a bit inexplicable: why does everyone in Tamers wear wristbands?

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Mon, 26th Dec. 2011, 13:50

Oops, I missed posting yesterday. Hope you all had a great Sunday, whether it was a particularly special one or not! :D

Actually, I seem to have missed posting for the last two weeks. I've not been doing much. I certainly should have been - lots of homework, revision for January exams... And I guess I missed the most recent LJ fuckup too? Man. (I have a Dreamwidth too! You know, if anyone cares... I don't really post on it, but I haven't really been posting much at all, so I might as well start.)

More importantly, this year's haul! By which I mean DISGAEA. @.@Collapse )

Before that, I finally caught up with Digimon Hunters aka Xros Wars Episode II: Attack of the Goggleheads. And wow - there could be any number of reasons why (having an entire term to anticipate catching up, low expectations coming in from XW, the blatant cribbing from Tamers in the opening sequence setting off some reflexive , sleep deprivation addling my sense of judgment...), but I am genuinely looking forward to the rest of it! Even before I heard about one particular spoiler and then four others, which made me melt with so much squee that my brother came upstairs to tell me to shut up as I was distracting him from Angry Birds.

In unrelated news, I wore my lovely grey #heyladies shirt for "Feel Free to Talk to Me If I'm Wearing a Dinosaur Comics T-shirt" day. But I wore it under another shirt, under a jacket, under a coat and then under another coat because it was cold. Then again, it's not like I went out at all except out my front door for a driving lesson and then two minutes down the road to pick up some bread, so no opportunity lost... I hope.

Sigh. I do love Warwick, but all I can think is that I have less than two weeks before the grind starts back up again.

Thu, 8th Dec. 2011, 20:32
Digimon 30-day meme, day 15

Day 15: A character you’d be best friends with.

I could say absolutely everyone because Digimon kids are the best kids, but I suppose the more hot-blooded ones would drive me up a wall after a while, the sugary-sweet ones might get a bit annoying in real life and the angsty ones would just make me feel awkward so we might not get particularly close. Taiki in particular strikes me as someone it would be really fun to hang out with, even if he's not always the most interesting hero. Then there's Jen, Koushirou, Juri, Jou, Akari, maybe Takato... Huh, those mostly seem to be the relatively well-adjusted characters. But that's not a bad thing.

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Wed, 7th Dec. 2011, 23:00
Digimon 30-day meme, day 14 (flamebait edition)

Day 12: Least favourite digital monster.

Numemon and variants, Sukamon, Nanimon and Damemon. Well, they were all pretty much designed to inform the player "wow, you really messed up taking care of this thing" (except for Damemon, but he continues the theme...), so I feel okay about not liking them. Also, Etemon and MetalEtemon - not only ugly, but massive jerks. :< And while I wouldn't say they're my least favourite, Breakdramon and Aegisdramon are notable exception to my fangirling of all things -dramon because they look so ridiculous. I could go on...

Day 13: Least favourite character.

Adventure: Etemon and Devimon. None of the protagonists, because duh.
02: Is Miyako-bashing old yet? It feels kind of mean since I don't dislike her as much as I used to - hell, I'd probably get along pretty well with her! - I just can't seem to muster much interest in her. And... cake. @_@
Tamers: Um, I guess Shiuchon purely because she isn't EVERYONE ELSE IN THE SEASON. ♥♥♥ Though she can be cute occasionally.
Frontier: Out of the main cast, I'm going to say Kouji to irritate all of the proper Frontier fans. I'm pretty neutral towards all of them. Outside of the main cast, LordKnightmon and Dynasmon were pretty annoying once the novelty wore off.
Xros Wars: Lilithmon, Gravimon, the other Death Generals not named Apollomon or Olegmon. It takes a certain amount of charisma to have barely any discernible motive and still be interesting; I don't think they quite manage it.
Savers, Hunters: I don't know D: It's the holidays soon! I can catch up then!

Day 14: Least favourite season.

The top candidates are 02 for its uneven characterisation and haphazard plotting (though I still love it out of nostalgia! And a lot of it was good anyway!), Savers because I've tried to get into it more than once and it has yet to hook me, or Xros Wars because... I'm not even sure since there were plenty of awesome things about it, but it's the only Digimon season so far where I watched the finale and didn't cry.

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Sun, 4th Dec. 2011, 22:33
Digimon 30-day meme, day 11

Day 11: Who do you think wore the goggles best?

I was going to say Takato because he's the only one who uses them for anything, but I seem to vaguely remember that Taiki also did, like, once (I might be wrong, I wasn't paying much attention), so it's not as funny. The most iconic goggle-wearer would be Taichi. You knew that already, though.

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Sun, 4th Dec. 2011, 01:43
White Lies [My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic] [one-shot] [G]

Title: White Lies
Fandom: My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic
Word Count: 573
Rating: G
Author's Notes: Spoilers up to S2 episode 9, "Sweet and Elite".
Crossposted: Nowhere yet. I don't actually know any MLP comms. :(

A dignified occasion such as this called for some equally dignified face-saving.Collapse )

Sat, 3rd Dec. 2011, 17:19

I should have learnt by now that me, my lack of willpower and MMORPGs are not the greatest combination when there's still a week (and so a week's worth of assignments) to go before the holidays. Stupid addictive KoL. This year's holiday content isn't even particularly exciting (yet); I just drop in to change my password and see what's happened since my last login, then I notice it's 2 in the morning and I've been binging on wiki pages all night with fifty-odd tabs still open, and then I get completely sucked in for about two or three months until I decide I have better things to waste time on and drop the game again. Every. Single. Year. ._.

I sort of want to join a clan that isn't comprised solely of my multis and the dried-out husks of people I haven't talked to for years (well, apart from the one guy who I tweet at maybe once every few months), except I'm not sure what I'd be looking for. Obviously a clan that wouldn't frown on long periods of inactivity, and probably not one of the massive ones. Other than that, I don't know. Unless there happens to be a clan out there which would actively encourage me to get my homework done whenever I log in - maybe there's a niche market there?

(Also, I found that I hadn't bothered to complete the run my main character was in before quitting the last time, so the total daycount racked up was higher than the total turncount. That was amusing for like three seconds.)

(Also also, I wrote precisely zero words of fiction for NaNoWriMo this year. Go me!)


Digimon 30-day meme, day 10!

Day 07: A couple you can’t stand.

"Can't stand" is kind of strong, "just don't get" is more like it, but: ships where the characters lived in the same universe and never interacted in canon, like Joumi or Mimato. But come to think, that's a little hypocritical, isn't it? Because I'm all over crossover shipping, and that's not even restricted to this franchise.

Day 08: Favourite couple.

TAICHI/TAKATO RYOU/MARTHA JONES because come on she knows all about weird backstory timeline hijinks

Um, apart for Ryou/Mille, any where both (all?) parties involved are sweet and adorable :D I just spent a few minutes trying to think of a specific pairing and the first that came to mind was Jukato, so yeah, you can have that. I like Taishirou as well. I could probably throw out some more smushnames for the other seasons if I had all day, but I don't, because I have been on KoL working very hard and studiously.

Day 09: Favourite friendship.

Trick question. Next!

Day 10: Favourite season.

Huh. I wonder.

everything elseCollapse )

Tue, 29th Nov. 2011, 21:05
Digimon 30-day meme, day 6

Day 06: A couple you wish existed.

I'm not hugely into Digimon shipping, actually. Not that I don't have ships I like, but I haven't found one yet that I'm really emotionally invested in. It might be because the characters I cared most about were in seasons that ended years ago and any speculation about them is entirely the purview of fandom now... or something. That said, Hirota and Yamaki/Janyuu were canon. If we're going beyond couples, maybe Taichi/Yamato/Sora?

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Mon, 28th Nov. 2011, 21:10
Digimon 30-day meme, day 5

Day 05: Favourite crest.

Um, favourite in what sense? How important I think the virtue is? How neat the design is? How comprehensible the design is? Which Digimental makes the coolest Armour-levels? (Because man, there are too many of those...) The colour? Since I can't decide, I'll go with Courage, because it means you get to be the hero in an idealistic shounen anime and that can't be a bad thing. Or maybe Friendship, because Friendship is Magic! Ooo, does that crossover exist yet?

...Speaking of Friendship, I had no idea what the shape was meant to be for the longest time, until a couple of days ago when it occurred to me that it might be a stylised representation of two people holding hands. Is that plausible? Am I just slow? Still clueless about Koushirou (networking?) and Jou (...religion?!), but I'll get back to you.

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Sun, 27th Nov. 2011, 18:44
Digimon 30-day meme, day 4

Day 04: Favourite digital monster.

How can I pick just one? DDDDD: Well... going by the anime only, it's probably Guilmon in Tamers - not only is he very, very cute, which is impressive considering they had to work with a big muscly dinosaur thing, he's maybe the first Digimon in the anime as a whole to get a proper development arc of his own instead of primarily revolving around their partner. (And it's a good one, too!) Culumon, Tamers Terriermon and 02 Armadimon get honorable mentions because they're not quite as adorable. Design-wise (and these are off the top of my head): the rest of the Guilmon line, Renamon's line, DORUmon's line, Gabumon, Culumon, MetalGreymon, Gaioumon, most Agumon evolutions, Mugendramon, Tsukaimon, Ryuudamon, Raptordramon, Grademon, Megadramon, Darkdramon, Unimon, Rukamon, Yatagaramon, Crossmon, Hououmon, Tailmon, Quetzalmon, Thunderbirmon. Plus pretty much everything else that has "dra" in its name and/or looks like a dragon and/or looks like a badass bird of prey and/or looks generally awesome, because I'm actually a ten-year-old boy.

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Sat, 26th Nov. 2011, 19:39
Digimon 30-day meme, day 3

Day 03: Which digivice do you like best?

The D-Arc. Then again, the originals have neat designs as well and have the nostalgia factor going for them, so it's close. The iC is a bit bulky, the Xros Loader has way too much going on (though I am ridiculously fond of the DigiXros stock sequences where Taiki MOVES THE WHEEL WITH HIS THUMB OMG), and the D-3 and D-Scanner seem kind of lopsided to me. Maybe I just like symmetry. I know there are various other models in the manga, but I can't be bothered to look them up right now. And wouldn't appreciate their full level of coolness anyway.

everything elseCollapse )

Fri, 25th Nov. 2011, 14:12
Digimon 30-day meme, day 2

Day 02: Favourite character

Guess. :DDD

So that this isn't a ridiculously short post, I'll go season by season:

Adventure: Taichi! Obviously he kickstarted the goggle boy archetype, which is cool, but I'd also argue that he doesn't entirely fit the mould since he's actually pretty smart sometimes, and that's rarely a bad thing. Additionally, and this is very cheesy, but: now that Matt (um, my brother, that is) has grown up into a proper person instead of just something gurgling and squishy, rewatching basically any scene involving Taichi and Hikari hits my buttons in a way they didn't before. That time when he was stuck underground with Koushirou and helpless... oh man. Speaking of Koushirou, he's right up there too; I swear his backstory and personality were written purely to inspire hugs. I also like Jou and Sora, and Yamato had his moments, and crap that's half of the main cast already, isn't it?

02: Not sure. Most likely Daisuke or Iori. Daisuke just on principle (and because anyone who manages to save the world with the power of shallow characterisation deserves at least some respect), Iori because come on, he is cute. I really liked 02!Takeru at one point, but I find the others more interesting now.

Tamers: TAKATO. Because adorable. ♥ Also Guilmon and Jen (who I've again been liking even more on recent rewatches) and Terriermon and Ruki and Juri and the composite character Hirokazu+Kenta and Ryou if you count game canon and/or if he is the Doctor and Janyuu and... Hey, did I mention I kind of like Tamers? I kind of like Tamers.

Frontier: Takuya is cool and all, but I'd have to go with Junpei.

Savers: ...I've tried to watch more than six episodes, but. :(

Xros Wars: Um. I started to get attached to Zenjirou, then he left a couple of episodes afterwards.

Hunters: So far, Tagiru is all right and Yuu is a lot more likeable these days. Please don't spoil me! I'm like five episodes behind! Anyway if I wanted to be spoiled, I'd do it myself...

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Thu, 24th Nov. 2011, 15:23

Bronyland pony personality test: Pinkie Pie
That... doesn't seem right. o_o Is it because I answered the pet question with Scootaloo?

Anyway, I need to get back into the habit of posting things that aren't wangst and I have just under an hour before my next lectures, so here you go. (Stolen from jlarinda. Homework? What's that?)

Digimon 30-day meme!

Day 01: How old were you when you first discovered Digimon?

Not sure exactly. I remember watching quite a lot of 02 (English dub, obviously), so most likely I was eight-ish and well within the actual target demographic, although I think I lost interest at some point after the world tour arc and only ever watched bits of Tamers unintentionally. I got sufficiently into it that I dragged my mum out to Asda to buy the movie on VHS and watched it enough times to memorise most of it - I even still have the tape! It's at home though - but I was more of a Pokémon kid and wouldn't have identified as much of a fan until 2006ish, when I discovered both subtitled anime and fanfic. \o/

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Wed, 9th Nov. 2011, 14:42

Stuff I have yet to do as a university student:
- go out after dark for any reason apart from late lectures (though my friend's birthday is coming up, so I guess I need to hang around the bar for at least two minutes to hand over her card...)
- my own laundry
- survive longer than 8 days without meeting up with family at all
- survive longer than 12 days without going home
- leave the campus bubble except to go home
- finish all of the upcoming week's assignments more than a day before they're due
- write anything except wangsty poetry and wangsty LiveJournal posts
- sleep well

Hey, remember about two months ago after Camp NaNo when I was on top of the world and the proud owner of a nominally complete novel first draft and gradually getting less terrible at driving and super psyched for uni where I could meet tons of people without the baggage from earlier school years, share loads of geeky interests, get into new things and generally come out of my shell a bit? Man, that was something, wasn't it?

It's different. Of course it's different. And Nottingham is at most three hours away from my bedroom, by bus and then train, so it's not like I have it bad compared to most of the other domestic students around here, never mind the internationals. It's just that I thought it would be more different (or maybe I thought I would be more different?), and I only get more homesick after every time I go back.

If I just sit around and procrastinate on homework and mope and think that I'll start being sociable next term / year / decade, I know I'll never get around to it. I'm still at a loss, though. I also wish my timetable didn't clash with anything and everything, but that might just be shifting the blame, too.

At least I have ponies. It's kind of frustrating that the only thing cheering me up lately is ponies (Digimon? There's a ban on torrents here, and at home I generally have to spend the weekend recouping lost homework time. NaNo? Yeah, it doesn't seem to be happening...), but it'll do.

Sat, 22nd Oct. 2011, 13:06

I've made it to the third weekend of term without going out (to party or otherwise) after 7 PM once. That's... an achievement of a sort, I guess? And I'm at home. I've come home every weekend so far. I wasn't initially meaning to - it just sort of happened.

blah blah blah uphill both ways in the snow. bawwww.Collapse )

In fandom news, there is probably more to report than I should rightly have. D: I watched the Bokurano anime over the course of a few evenings. I blame TV Tropes for plugging it on the Madoka page when I was only looking for good, honest procrastination. It also mentioned Claymore, which I did read and thought was OK, and Narutaru, which... after reading some spoilers, I think I'll pass, thanks. But Bokurano is pretty good :D I haven't sought out the manga, and I don't think I'll try to, since apparently it's darker and I prefer my grimdark with at least a sprinkling of optimism.

More recently, SJA ended. I cried. This doesn't say much about how affecting it was, given I sometimes cry at dead birds on windowsills, but it was excellent - I'm glad we got the send-off we did, and not something silly like series 3. Oh, Sarah Jane.

I also think I'm really into ponies now. ._. I haven't felt as psyched for anything as I am for today's episode (Luna!!) since at least a few months back. I even found myself looking up t-shirts... but if I spent my maintenance grant on that, I'd feel even more terrible about being into stuff when I should be focusing on work, gah. I think my favourite is Rarity, but I identify more with Twilight and Fluttershy... oh man.

And Digimon is airing too. Uni has a no torrents policy (even legit torrents - I actually read the ToS for a change!) - even though I've heard from multiple people that it isn't actually enforced very well, the threat of a 3-day disconnect is enough to scare me off. Besides, I'm Lawful-aligned :< (Lawful what remains to be seen.) That's a roundabout way of saying that I'm probably going to fall behind after this week. It's all right so far, just not gripping me. Although, if they really do commit egregious fanservice... Nah, not going to happen.

Anyway, cutting off there. That Analysis worksheet isn't going to do itself. Sigh.

Fri, 7th Oct. 2011, 20:04
Fresher's Fortnight, Day 7

societies aren't everything I dreamedCollapse )

I'm only planning to go to one more thing, which is the Warwick Pride welcome buffet. I've never been to anything like it, and don't know anyone who has except for That Guy who went to a pride parade in Nottingham last year. It'll be interesting. And it sounds like there'll be food, so it's already an improvement over tonight.

...I miss eating properly already. :( Oh well. With a bit of luck, I'm going home in a few hours.

Wed, 5th Oct. 2011, 17:48
Fresher's Fortnight, Day 5

I survived my first day of lectures, which was largely introductory. I survived today, too, although I only had one. Already the work is piling up. I probably need to get into a routine before it's too late... Several of the lecturers / professors (which is it?) got quite scary about it: "it is feasible if not recommended to catch up after falling a week behind in a 5 week module, but if you miss a single lecture or piece of work related to Analysis you will LOSE YOUR SOUL and also I guess fail it too, yeah, something like that, whatever", kind of thing. I'm feeling a little better now that I have stuff to do and I'm not just sitting indoors refreshing Gmail endlessly. It's almost not eclipsed by my struggle to actually do work again after the long, long summer.

I sort of know my way around campus now! At least, I know where all of my lectures are, and I vaguely remember where my first tutorial is going to be. And when I say I know where my lectures are, I don't necessarily know which lecture is in which room, just how to find each room after looking it up. So that's something.

Today was the first day of the Societies Fair.Collapse )

This is all still a bit surreal. I wonder if that ever changes.

Sat, 1st Oct. 2011, 21:45
Fresher's Fortnight, day 1

Well... tonight's my first night away from home. I was thinking about going to the welcome party just to give it a go - I even went with a couple of nice people I met to the pre-drinking going on in the kitchen - but here I am, hiding in my room and posting on LJ. :\ The drinking doesn't bother me as much as I was afraid it might, nobody gives a shit about teetotalling (I mean that positively) and I really like meaningless chatter however sober the other parties aren't, but... loud noises. Not my thing. Does that make me antisocial?

I don't feel as bad about things right now as I felt just after lunch when the family went home, though. I was a wreck. But then somebody randomly knocked on my door while I was hiding in there, so we went around the whole block knocking on people's doors and making awkward introductions; that cheered me up a bit, except for the one door at the end of a corridor when a naked guy popped out.

There's a second welcome party tomorrow night. I guess I should at least show willing even if I leave early (and I better not leave late, I think lectures start right away on that Monday o_o). Or maybe I can go with my one pre-existing friend on this entire campus? But she's in a different hall and apparently has made lots of buddies already... Sigh. I wish I knew how to join societies already. :( Where are all the other introverts?

Sat, 24th Sep. 2011, 20:15

He came home with his things and they both decided they didn't mean it. Now I feel a bit kneejerk oversensitive, haha. It's a relief all the same!

More importantly, Doctor Who tonight was... kind of nondescript. For some reason, I'm not feeling particularly excited about the finale (it airs on the day I move in! Unless I just dump all of my things, chicken out and go home before 7 |D), but it'll be interesting to see what does and doesn't get tied up. Hoping to find at least one fellow nerd with a TV license, otherwise I'll have to get up early on the 2nd and iPlayer to avoid spoilers.

Sat, 24th Sep. 2011, 11:30

RL dramaCollapse )

ETA: never mind

Sat, 17th Sep. 2011, 22:12
Doctor Who 6x11, "The God Complex"

Unlike apparently everyone, last week's episode didn't do much for me, but I loved this! I really adored this! It was a bit scary, it managed to be clever without (I think) getting too far up its own arse, it had tear-jerking bits and thought-provoking bits and stuff happened. ♥ Did I like it more than the Neil Gaiman episode? I'd have to actually think about it for a couple of seconds before answering "no", which is damn impressive.

'Hello! Things? What kind of things? I love things. Just ask anyone.'Collapse )

I really should check out Being Human at some point. It's been on my to-watch list for at least a year. I liked the YouTube clips I've seen, but keep forgetting to go any further. (Same goes for My Little Pony. My tastes are the coolest tastes. ;D)

Tue, 13th Sep. 2011, 21:47

As uni creeps closer, I'm getting a little scared. Should I be? I've been put in a building which has a reputation for being full of party animals. The prevailing message I'm taking from scattered online resources is that everyone is in the same boat etc etc suck it up. On the other hand... I'm really a nerd. I spent most of the summer in my pyjamas playing video games, except for August when I was in my pyjamas furiously typing reams of clichéd fantasy drivel. (Editing that has kind of stalled for now. I'll get to it in November - or, at the very least, feel guilty in November about not getting to it.) I haven't gone to any parties since Year 8, when some kid I really didn't know very well had a back-garden birthday barbecue and invited everyone in her form. Gigs and clubbing are right out. The only remotely comparable situation I've ever been in was summer school last year - which was only a week long, alcohol was banned anyway, and my strategy for introducing myself then mostly involved walking up to people and shouting "HELLO I'M SHY AND AWKWARD AROUND NEW PEOPLE, ARE YOU?". It met with mixed success. I wonder how screwed I am.

Societies sound more like my kind of thing, but I don't know - what if all of them are full of jerks? I'm worried I might get so psyched for them (stuff like the New Writers' Group sounds just perfect on paper) that the actual things end up underwhelming. Worry, worry, worry. :(

Anyway, focusing on the positive: the less abstract preparations are trundling along, which is to say I've bought most of the stuff I think I'm going to need. Plus a new (well, second hand so that I don't cry too much when it gets stolen, but it's in a box and everything) desktop computer, which is thoroughly exciting even though it's almost completely unnecessary. :D And Warwick isn't ridiculously far away, so hopefully it won't be too much trouble to pop home on a weekend once I figure out what I've forgotten.

...It's going to be an ordeal to get everything packed, though. It's all just sitting in the spare room right now. Well, I did pack my brother, but he got bored after a couple of minutes and climbed out of the suitcase.

Wed, 31st Aug. 2011, 15:58

Update on Camp NaNoWriMo: 50,004 words, back of the net! \o/ Now I can play video games without guilt! Oh wait, packing for uni. Oops. At least I can talk about what I was using to procrastinate this month, right?

Nintendogs + CatsCollapse )

Rudra no HihouCollapse )

Advance WarsCollapse )

Sat, 27th Aug. 2011, 21:29
Doctor Who 6x08, "Let's Kill Hitler"

Cupboard, Hitler! Hitler, cupboard!

Spoilery disorganised reactions, as usualCollapse )

In summary: quibbles, but squeeee.

Thu, 18th Aug. 2011, 10:31
More news

Completely coincidentally, the 3DS I got as a late birthday present arrived today. I don't have any games for it yet - got to save some squee for Animal Crossing and Paper Mario, after all. But I can finally use the wifi in this house with the DS games I already had, which means fuck yes, Pokémon!

My name on White is Grey (which is of course a very original name) and my friend code is 2838-2340-7591. Anyone want to battle me, just for the hell of it? And probably win, since all of the Pokémon I've spent any time training in fifth gen are optimised for the Subway? ♥ Alternatively, a trade! I haven't got anything super-rare unless Zorua counts, but I have a complete non-event Pokédex, RNG for IVs (though not shinies), EV train, level grind, give things Pokérus...

Some flawless stuff currently sitting in my PC: 3 Gibles (Impish and Jolly with no egg moves, Adamant with Outrage), 3 Zoruas (2 Naughty with Dark Pulse and Nasty Plot, 1 Timid and met in Castelia), Jolly Archen, Timid Volcarona, Jolly male Ralts with Mean Look for catching roamers, Adamant Karrablast with Megahorn, Naughty Zekrom caught in Dragonspiral Tower, Timid Kyurem. Oh, and a not-flawless female DW Lickitung I picked up just now. But I can breed for basically everything apart from Gen III and IV exclusive moves. :DDD

If you want any of them, EV trained or not, just say so - I don't really care what I get back, I just feel like doing something inaugural today! Though any Dream World females, especially Sentret, would earn you a great big platonic hug. Yes, through the screen. Or whatever else you're reading this with.

Excuse my lack of coherence. I'll put a proper Pokémon post together later, when I've stopped bouncing off the ceiling. Did I mention I'm going to uni in September?

Thu, 18th Aug. 2011, 06:59

Interrupting this hotbed of inactivity to inform just about fuckin' everyone:


There are no words. Which is why there are sparkles instead.

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