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Completely coincidentally, the 3DS I got as a late birthday present arrived today. I don't have any games for it yet - got to save some squee for Animal Crossing and Paper Mario, after all. But I can finally use the wifi in this house with the DS games I already had, which means fuck yes, Pokémon!

My name on White is Grey (which is of course a very original name) and my friend code is 2838-2340-7591. Anyone want to battle me, just for the hell of it? And probably win, since all of the Pokémon I've spent any time training in fifth gen are optimised for the Subway? ♥ Alternatively, a trade! I haven't got anything super-rare unless Zorua counts, but I have a complete non-event Pokédex, RNG for IVs (though not shinies), EV train, level grind, give things Pokérus...

Some flawless stuff currently sitting in my PC: 3 Gibles (Impish and Jolly with no egg moves, Adamant with Outrage), 3 Zoruas (2 Naughty with Dark Pulse and Nasty Plot, 1 Timid and met in Castelia), Jolly Archen, Timid Volcarona, Jolly male Ralts with Mean Look for catching roamers, Adamant Karrablast with Megahorn, Naughty Zekrom caught in Dragonspiral Tower, Timid Kyurem. Oh, and a not-flawless female DW Lickitung I picked up just now. But I can breed for basically everything apart from Gen III and IV exclusive moves. :DDD

If you want any of them, EV trained or not, just say so - I don't really care what I get back, I just feel like doing something inaugural today! Though any Dream World females, especially Sentret, would earn you a great big platonic hug. Yes, through the screen. Or whatever else you're reading this with.

Excuse my lack of coherence. I'll put a proper Pokémon post together later, when I've stopped bouncing off the ceiling. Did I mention I'm going to uni in September?
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