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Doctor Who 6x08, "Let's Kill Hitler"

Cupboard, Hitler! Hitler, cupboard!

  • "Shut up, Hitler!" XDDDD There wasn't nearly as much of it as the title implied, but there was Nazi-punching anyway, so it's all good. And it left room for River freakin' Song.
  • RIVER FREAKIN' SONG. Particular highlights: addressing her apparent backwards aging, dual machine-gun wielding, jumping out of a window, her timey-wimey childhood, aw hell everything. Well... when I say that, I'm still a little annoyed that she is yet another character whose entire life revolves around the Doctor. But eh, maybe we'll get someone different someday.
  • Wish we'd seen at least a hint of Mels before now. Or that there had been a little more of her before she went and regenerated.
  • I assumed he was whispering his name to her to make that thread from the Library episodes a closed time loop. Was that what we were meant to think?
  • Is that all for River, then? We've seen her end, we've seen her beginning, we pretty much have a complete story in between. I hope not, though! I haven't been spoiled for the finale, but a finale without River would be... just like all the other New Who series finales before the last one. But, but, Madame Kovarian is still a loose plot thread, isn't she? Plus the Silence and the spacesuit stuff. Is she confirmed? Oh, never mind, I can go and look myself. (ETA: herp derp she is in the title of episode 13. Shows how much I've been keeping up.)
  • Matt Smith, as always, was stellar.
  • Haha, holograms of previous series' promo photos. Guilt. More guilt. Oh, FFS. (And it reminded me how much I miss Donna. Donnaaaa. ;~;)
  • It's always good to see mini Amy. Er, mini as in a kid, not as in shrunk and teleported inside a robot, although that idea was also quite cool. And we had mini Rory, too! Poor guy.
  • The "she's just a friend" / "he's gay" with somewhat older Amy and Rory bugged me a bit, but I can't really articulate why. Maybe I'm just allergic to romance. On the hand, I could go on about the "Well, you're a woman! ...What? I'm dying" part, except it's all been said before and I'm not in the mood.
  • It was all so quotable! I don't know where to start. D:
  • It's gonna be a little weird having DW and Torchwood airing concurrently, even if it isn't for long.

In summary: quibbles, but squeeee.
Tags: \o/, doctor who, fangirling
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