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As uni creeps closer, I'm getting a little scared. Should I be? I've been put in a building which has a reputation for being full of party animals. The prevailing message I'm taking from scattered online resources is that everyone is in the same boat etc etc suck it up. On the other hand... I'm really a nerd. I spent most of the summer in my pyjamas playing video games, except for August when I was in my pyjamas furiously typing reams of clichéd fantasy drivel. (Editing that has kind of stalled for now. I'll get to it in November - or, at the very least, feel guilty in November about not getting to it.) I haven't gone to any parties since Year 8, when some kid I really didn't know very well had a back-garden birthday barbecue and invited everyone in her form. Gigs and clubbing are right out. The only remotely comparable situation I've ever been in was summer school last year - which was only a week long, alcohol was banned anyway, and my strategy for introducing myself then mostly involved walking up to people and shouting "HELLO I'M SHY AND AWKWARD AROUND NEW PEOPLE, ARE YOU?". It met with mixed success. I wonder how screwed I am.

Societies sound more like my kind of thing, but I don't know - what if all of them are full of jerks? I'm worried I might get so psyched for them (stuff like the New Writers' Group sounds just perfect on paper) that the actual things end up underwhelming. Worry, worry, worry. :(

Anyway, focusing on the positive: the less abstract preparations are trundling along, which is to say I've bought most of the stuff I think I'm going to need. Plus a new (well, second hand so that I don't cry too much when it gets stolen, but it's in a box and everything) desktop computer, which is thoroughly exciting even though it's almost completely unnecessary. :D And Warwick isn't ridiculously far away, so hopefully it won't be too much trouble to pop home on a weekend once I figure out what I've forgotten.

...It's going to be an ordeal to get everything packed, though. It's all just sitting in the spare room right now. Well, I did pack my brother, but he got bored after a couple of minutes and climbed out of the suitcase.
Tags: irrelevant, rambling, rl, teenage angst
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