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Doctor Who 6x11, "The God Complex"

Unlike apparently everyone, last week's episode didn't do much for me, but I loved this! I really adored this! It was a bit scary, it managed to be clever without (I think) getting too far up its own arse, it had tear-jerking bits and thought-provoking bits and stuff happened. ♥ Did I like it more than the Neil Gaiman episode? I'd have to actually think about it for a couple of seconds before answering "no", which is damn impressive.

  • Obvious point: the way they got rid of the minotaur was so Curse of Fenric and I may have audibly squeed. :D If you compare the contexts of the scenes. you could probably say something meaningful about the Doctor in general, Seven, Eleven, Amy and/or Ace, maybe even involving passivity, agency and gender meta, but I'm going to bed soon and can't be bothered to type anything intelligent.
  • Another obvious point: we're in an interesting place, plot-wise! I was sure everyone had been confirmed for the next series, but now it's actually become relevant, I can't remember where.
  • And River was actually mentioned at all! Friggin' finally!
  • And MINI AMELIA! \o/
  • I liked Rita. ;-; No real opinions on the rest of the guests, but I wanted to keep her - obviously doomed as she was from the moment Eleven asked to talk to her later. Which, yeah, could also be used in a different sort of meta, but for some reason, it didn't bother me much today (nor did the disposable lady police officer, although I did laugh at her fear being a person in a floppy gorilla suit). Having just gone through sixth form with an Asian mum, I can completely relate to her fear of a B... Oh, you mean it was supposed to be more of a symbolic thing?
  • What bothered me a little: the thing chosen to represent Amy having finally matured is settling down and "looking after" her guy. On the other hand, even unspoiled, even assuming this plot development stays as is despite all of the alternate-universe technobabble this series, I find it really hard to believe we'll never have a proper Pond reunion when River gets sorted out (and they are Ponds, dammit!), so it gets the benefit of the doubt until I'm sure that storyline is wrapped up.
  • What bothered me even littler: so he's not religious, fine, but Rory has no fundamental principles at all? Not even Amy? I... wouldn't have called that one. Unless it's supposed to say something about their relationship, which would be worrying. The earlier handwave didn't make sense either - if his previous TARDIS adventures were scary enough that he's not fazed by anything else, why not show him those? Also, that handwave clashes with a nice (if slightly too American) fic I read recently where his greatest fear is mind control, so I'm sticking my fingers in my ears. :< Otherwise, he was cute, funny, grounded and generally wonderful - my favourite part was where he talked about Howie's stammer - but none of that is unusual enough to merit its own point.
  • I lie; he gets one more point. When the Doctor was saying "Over your broken body? Over Rory's body?", did anybody else shout "Again?" at the screen? Even though he's done pretty well in this half of the series.
  • Actually, thinking again about Amy after thinking about Rita makes me feel a bit better about the ending. When they meet the guest characters, Eleven jokes about firing Amy, and although Amy reacts in an appropriately incredulous way, she doesn't question that he could if he wanted; she's subject to him. By the end, she had the opportunity to shrug off everything and run away again, which she probably would have taken when we first met her - hell, never mind would have, it's what she did - and I get the feeling the Doctor would have let her, but she didn't take it. I think that's important. Though it wasn't entirely clear - whose decision was it to go home? Amy didn't seem surprised, but Rory did when the TARDIS left. If it was the Doctor's decision anyway, that screws up the element of choice... Really actually, I'm not feeling that much better. I'm sort of ambivalent now.

I really should check out Being Human at some point. It's been on my to-watch list for at least a year. I liked the YouTube clips I've seen, but keep forgetting to go any further. (Same goes for My Little Pony. My tastes are the coolest tastes. ;D)
Tags: \o/, doctor who, fangirling, rambling
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