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Fresher's Fortnight, day 1

Well... tonight's my first night away from home. I was thinking about going to the welcome party just to give it a go - I even went with a couple of nice people I met to the pre-drinking going on in the kitchen - but here I am, hiding in my room and posting on LJ. :\ The drinking doesn't bother me as much as I was afraid it might, nobody gives a shit about teetotalling (I mean that positively) and I really like meaningless chatter however sober the other parties aren't, but... loud noises. Not my thing. Does that make me antisocial?

I don't feel as bad about things right now as I felt just after lunch when the family went home, though. I was a wreck. But then somebody randomly knocked on my door while I was hiding in there, so we went around the whole block knocking on people's doors and making awkward introductions; that cheered me up a bit, except for the one door at the end of a corridor when a naked guy popped out.

There's a second welcome party tomorrow night. I guess I should at least show willing even if I leave early (and I better not leave late, I think lectures start right away on that Monday o_o). Or maybe I can go with my one pre-existing friend on this entire campus? But she's in a different hall and apparently has made lots of buddies already... Sigh. I wish I knew how to join societies already. :( Where are all the other introverts?
Tags: bleh, rl, teenage angst, uni
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