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Fresher's Fortnight, Day 5

I survived my first day of lectures, which was largely introductory. I survived today, too, although I only had one. Already the work is piling up. I probably need to get into a routine before it's too late... Several of the lecturers / professors (which is it?) got quite scary about it: "it is feasible if not recommended to catch up after falling a week behind in a 5 week module, but if you miss a single lecture or piece of work related to Analysis you will LOSE YOUR SOUL and also I guess fail it too, yeah, something like that, whatever", kind of thing. I'm feeling a little better now that I have stuff to do and I'm not just sitting indoors refreshing Gmail endlessly. It's almost not eclipsed by my struggle to actually do work again after the long, long summer.

I sort of know my way around campus now! At least, I know where all of my lectures are, and I vaguely remember where my first tutorial is going to be. And when I say I know where my lectures are, I don't necessarily know which lecture is in which room, just how to find each room after looking it up. So that's something.

Today was the first day of the Societies Fair, featuring basically all of them that aren't academic or political in a partisan way (an awkward way of saying that charities and stuff like Warwick Pride were there too). It was... loud and absurdly crowded, but ultimately okay.

Some of them weren't all that I was hoping. Computing doesn't look great - the guy at the stall raved about their LAN parties but didn't know much about the, y'know, computing side of things, and his buddy who apparently knew more about it was talking non-stop to some other bespectacled guy the whole five minutes I was standing there, so I gave up. From that first impression, it's not too much of a loss - anyway, I did notice that all of the names on their mailing list seemed to be of the dude persuasion... Meh, Google has always been my tech support. And the tabletop game soc guy had never heard of Dungeons and Dragons, so I decided not to pursue the topic any further. Warwick Anti-Sexism didn't look too bad from chatting to the people (though for some reason I'm not hot on their name or their description on the Student Union online catalogue thing), but they'd run out of flyers and their FB appears to be non-existent, so I have no idea when they meet or what they do. The other thing I wasn't thrilled about was the Anime & Manga Society - it's cool that they have their own small library and a proper cinema for screenings, but I'd rather squee about stuff I already like... Mind, their advert flyer featuring Kyubey and the line "Don't you wish you had something more interesting to do on Tuesday nights?" was twisted genius.

Others were a bit better. The New Writing Group looks awesome. I went to pick up a flyer and ended up babbling incessantly about NaNoWriMo in front of them all. ♥♥♥ Plus their website looks kind of disorganised and contains very little apart from a request for a "webmonkey"... hmm. Well, the first meeting is on Friday evening, so here's hoping we click! :3 The lady I talked to from Warwick Pride also seemed nice - they have a "parenting scheme" where newbies like me can meet up with / get to know a couple of senior Pride members before the first social to make things less daunting, so I signed up to try that out. That's tentatively exciting. And this evening, I'm hoping to go to the aikido taster session, provided I can actually get into the damn Sports Centre since I only bought membership this morning... For nigh-on £50, it better be bloody worth it. (Alternatively: it's an incentive to actually use the thing.) I've never done aikido. I'm not really much for martial arts, just like I'm not one for physical exertion of any sort (I did taekwondo in Year 9 for a month or two, but never achieved anything beyond getting beaten up by 7-year-olds). But, you know, try anything at least once.

This is all still a bit surreal. I wonder if that ever changes.
Tags: \o/, bleh, rambling, rl, uni
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