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Fresher's Fortnight, Day 7

I went to the New Writing Society welcome meet-up. It... wasn't all I'd hoped. They mentioned socials, their magazine, meeting up for critique, but never once mentioned writing. Apparently one of the execs was ill, and nobody else really knew what to do. I'll probably stick with it just in case it gets better, or if their critique turns out to be actually worthwhile, or it turns out I can do anything like code or manage their social media or something. Not because I'm much good at any of that, though. Maybe it's because I already fell in love with the idea of what a writers' society could be... :\ I don't feel like ditching them right away. I mean, I already paid for membership, and what if other writers are going to be in my boat? But at the same time, I'm not sure how much I could help. I'm just a kid with a ridiculously full timetable.

Aikido was better - that was on Wednesday evening. I couldn't make it to the session tonight, but the taster was fun! If painful. After a couple of minutes in seiza(?) my legs were both asleep and on fire, which I didn't know was possible. And everyone seemed really nice. Definitely starting properly next week.

The only other thing I've been to was the debating society. The first meeting was also a little bit underwhelming - there were a couple of presentations, then we were shepherded into some social studies classroom to have an "alley debate" where I completely seized up and just spluttered until someone else took over - but they were trying to deal with twice as many new people as had originally signed up to the meeting, so I guess it's understandable.

I'm only planning to go to one more thing, which is the Warwick Pride welcome buffet. I've never been to anything like it, and don't know anyone who has except for That Guy who went to a pride parade in Nottingham last year. It'll be interesting. And it sounds like there'll be food, so it's already an improvement over tonight.

...I miss eating properly already. :( Oh well. With a bit of luck, I'm going home in a few hours.
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