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I've made it to the third weekend of term without going out (to party or otherwise) after 7 PM once. That's... an achievement of a sort, I guess? And I'm at home. I've come home every weekend so far. I wasn't initially meaning to - it just sort of happened.

The work is really coming thick and fast. 4 assignments a week, an extra one fortnightly, mid-module tests on the weeks we aren't given the extra one - OK, I guess if I did any serious complaining about that anywhere I'd just receive lots of "that's nothing, I've had blah blah blah uphill both ways in the snow" (and when I say "anywhere", so far it's just been "to my mum"), but it's more work than I had in sixth form, and I thought that was tough... On the TSR forums - which I wouldn't recommend to anyone else, I'm just getting a bit desperate for friends - I spied a thread where somebody was stressing about only having three lectures and three seminars a week, with not much else to fill up their time, and I felt kind of bad that I couldn't relate. At all.

I have got to know a handful of people, but only on my course - the names and faces during week 1 apparently stayed there. And I joined the few societies that didn't clash with my timetable too horribly, only lately I haven't even had the inclination. Like aikido - the first session was great, so I paid for some more, then I skipped a couple due to homework / feeling ill and when I went again it was suddenly more... cliquey. Like everyone knew what was going on apart from me. Which is probably predictable, but if I can fall that far behind after missing two and my timetable only gets more full towards the end of this term, I don't think it's for me.

Mainly I've been keeping to myself. I haven't been eating right, either. I sort of fail on the whole body acceptance thing (which I have been failing at since I learned it was a thing), as well as the independence thing. :\ Not that the mother helps with either.

In fandom news, there is probably more to report than I should rightly have. D: I watched the Bokurano anime over the course of a few evenings. I blame TV Tropes for plugging it on the Madoka page when I was only looking for good, honest procrastination. It also mentioned Claymore, which I did read and thought was OK, and Narutaru, which... after reading some spoilers, I think I'll pass, thanks. But Bokurano is pretty good :D I haven't sought out the manga, and I don't think I'll try to, since apparently it's darker and I prefer my grimdark with at least a sprinkling of optimism.

More recently, SJA ended. I cried. This doesn't say much about how affecting it was, given I sometimes cry at dead birds on windowsills, but it was excellent - I'm glad we got the send-off we did, and not something silly like series 3. Oh, Sarah Jane.

I also think I'm really into ponies now. ._. I haven't felt as psyched for anything as I am for today's episode (Luna!!) since at least a few months back. I even found myself looking up t-shirts... but if I spent my maintenance grant on that, I'd feel even more terrible about being into stuff when I should be focusing on work, gah. I think my favourite is Rarity, but I identify more with Twilight and Fluttershy... oh man.

And Digimon is airing too. Uni has a no torrents policy (even legit torrents - I actually read the ToS for a change!) - even though I've heard from multiple people that it isn't actually enforced very well, the threat of a 3-day disconnect is enough to scare me off. Besides, I'm Lawful-aligned :< (Lawful what remains to be seen.) That's a roundabout way of saying that I'm probably going to fall behind after this week. It's all right so far, just not gripping me. Although, if they really do commit egregious fanservice... Nah, not going to happen.

Anyway, cutting off there. That Analysis worksheet isn't going to do itself. Sigh.
Tags: bleh, digimon, fangirling, my little pony, rambling, rl, the sarah jane adventures
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