skarme (blitzente) wrote,

Stuff I have yet to do as a university student:
- go out after dark for any reason apart from late lectures (though my friend's birthday is coming up, so I guess I need to hang around the bar for at least two minutes to hand over her card...)
- my own laundry
- survive longer than 8 days without meeting up with family at all
- survive longer than 12 days without going home
- leave the campus bubble except to go home
- finish all of the upcoming week's assignments more than a day before they're due
- write anything except wangsty poetry and wangsty LiveJournal posts
- sleep well

Hey, remember about two months ago after Camp NaNo when I was on top of the world and the proud owner of a nominally complete novel first draft and gradually getting less terrible at driving and super psyched for uni where I could meet tons of people without the baggage from earlier school years, share loads of geeky interests, get into new things and generally come out of my shell a bit? Man, that was something, wasn't it?

It's different. Of course it's different. And Nottingham is at most three hours away from my bedroom, by bus and then train, so it's not like I have it bad compared to most of the other domestic students around here, never mind the internationals. It's just that I thought it would be more different (or maybe I thought I would be more different?), and I only get more homesick after every time I go back.

If I just sit around and procrastinate on homework and mope and think that I'll start being sociable next term / year / decade, I know I'll never get around to it. I'm still at a loss, though. I also wish my timetable didn't clash with anything and everything, but that might just be shifting the blame, too.

At least I have ponies. It's kind of frustrating that the only thing cheering me up lately is ponies (Digimon? There's a ban on torrents here, and at home I generally have to spend the weekend recouping lost homework time. NaNo? Yeah, it doesn't seem to be happening...), but it'll do.
Tags: rl, teenage angst, uni
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