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I should have learnt by now that me, my lack of willpower and MMORPGs are not the greatest combination when there's still a week (and so a week's worth of assignments) to go before the holidays. Stupid addictive KoL. This year's holiday content isn't even particularly exciting (yet); I just drop in to change my password and see what's happened since my last login, then I notice it's 2 in the morning and I've been binging on wiki pages all night with fifty-odd tabs still open, and then I get completely sucked in for about two or three months until I decide I have better things to waste time on and drop the game again. Every. Single. Year. ._.

I sort of want to join a clan that isn't comprised solely of my multis and the dried-out husks of people I haven't talked to for years (well, apart from the one guy who I tweet at maybe once every few months), except I'm not sure what I'd be looking for. Obviously a clan that wouldn't frown on long periods of inactivity, and probably not one of the massive ones. Other than that, I don't know. Unless there happens to be a clan out there which would actively encourage me to get my homework done whenever I log in - maybe there's a niche market there?

(Also, I found that I hadn't bothered to complete the run my main character was in before quitting the last time, so the total daycount racked up was higher than the total turncount. That was amusing for like three seconds.)

(Also also, I wrote precisely zero words of fiction for NaNoWriMo this year. Go me!)


Digimon 30-day meme, day 10!

Day 07: A couple you can’t stand.

"Can't stand" is kind of strong, "just don't get" is more like it, but: ships where the characters lived in the same universe and never interacted in canon, like Joumi or Mimato. But come to think, that's a little hypocritical, isn't it? Because I'm all over crossover shipping, and that's not even restricted to this franchise.

Day 08: Favourite couple.

TAICHI/TAKATO RYOU/MARTHA JONES because come on she knows all about weird backstory timeline hijinks

Um, apart for Ryou/Mille, any where both (all?) parties involved are sweet and adorable :D I just spent a few minutes trying to think of a specific pairing and the first that came to mind was Jukato, so yeah, you can have that. I like Taishirou as well. I could probably throw out some more smushnames for the other seasons if I had all day, but I don't, because I have been on KoL working very hard and studiously.

Day 09: Favourite friendship.

Trick question. Next!

Day 10: Favourite season.

Huh. I wonder.

Day 01: How old were you when you first discovered Digimon?
Day 02: Favourite character.
Day 03: Which digivice do you like best?
Day 04: Favourite digital monster.
Day 05: Favourite crest.
Day 06: A couple you wish existed.
Day 07: A couple you can’t stand.
Day 08: Favourite couple.
Day 09: Favourite friendship.
Day 10: Favourite season.

Day 11: Who do you think wore the goggles best?
Day 12: Least favourite digital monster.
Day 13: Least favourite character.
Day 14: Least favourite season.
Day 15: A character you’d be best friends with.
Day 16: A character you would not get along with.
Day 17: Best dressed character.
Day 18: Worst dressed character.
Day 19: A moment that made you happy.
Day 20: A moment that made you sad.
Day 21: A moment that made you angry.
Day 22: Favourite villain.
Day 23: Lease favourite villain.
Day 24: Favourite minor character.
Day 25: Favourite episode.
Day 26: What crest would you have?
Day 27: Would you ever have a Digimon for a pet?
Day 28: English names vs Japanese names (Which do you prefer?).
Day 29: Favourite quote.
Day 30: An unpopular opinion.
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