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Digimon 30-day meme, day 14 (flamebait edition)

Day 12: Least favourite digital monster.

Numemon and variants, Sukamon, Nanimon and Damemon. Well, they were all pretty much designed to inform the player "wow, you really messed up taking care of this thing" (except for Damemon, but he continues the theme...), so I feel okay about not liking them. Also, Etemon and MetalEtemon - not only ugly, but massive jerks. :< And while I wouldn't say they're my least favourite, Breakdramon and Aegisdramon are notable exception to my fangirling of all things -dramon because they look so ridiculous. I could go on...

Day 13: Least favourite character.

Adventure: Etemon and Devimon. None of the protagonists, because duh.
02: Is Miyako-bashing old yet? It feels kind of mean since I don't dislike her as much as I used to - hell, I'd probably get along pretty well with her! - I just can't seem to muster much interest in her. And... cake. @_@
Tamers: Um, I guess Shiuchon purely because she isn't EVERYONE ELSE IN THE SEASON. ♥♥♥ Though she can be cute occasionally.
Frontier: Out of the main cast, I'm going to say Kouji to irritate all of the proper Frontier fans. I'm pretty neutral towards all of them. Outside of the main cast, LordKnightmon and Dynasmon were pretty annoying once the novelty wore off.
Xros Wars: Lilithmon, Gravimon, the other Death Generals not named Apollomon or Olegmon. It takes a certain amount of charisma to have barely any discernible motive and still be interesting; I don't think they quite manage it.
Savers, Hunters: I don't know D: It's the holidays soon! I can catch up then!

Day 14: Least favourite season.

The top candidates are 02 for its uneven characterisation and haphazard plotting (though I still love it out of nostalgia! And a lot of it was good anyway!), Savers because I've tried to get into it more than once and it has yet to hook me, or Xros Wars because... I'm not even sure since there were plenty of awesome things about it, but it's the only Digimon season so far where I watched the finale and didn't cry.

Day 01: How old were you when you first discovered Digimon?
Day 02: Favourite character.
Day 03: Which digivice do you like best?
Day 04: Favourite digital monster.
Day 05: Favourite crest.
Day 06: A couple you wish existed.
Day 07: A couple you can’t stand.
Day 08: Favourite couple.
Day 09: Favourite friendship.
Day 10: Favourite season.
Day 11: Who do you think wore the goggles best?
Day 12: Least favourite digital monster.
Day 13: Least favourite character.
Day 14: Least favourite season.

Day 15: A character you’d be best friends with.
Day 16: A character you would not get along with.
Day 17: Best dressed character.
Day 18: Worst dressed character.
Day 19: A moment that made you happy.
Day 20: A moment that made you sad.
Day 21: A moment that made you angry.
Day 22: Favourite villain.
Day 23: Lease favourite villain.
Day 24: Favourite minor character.
Day 25: Favourite episode.
Day 26: What crest would you have?
Day 27: Would you ever have a Digimon for a pet?
Day 28: English names vs Japanese names (Which do you prefer?).
Day 29: Favourite quote.
Day 30: An unpopular opinion.
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