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Oops, I missed posting yesterday. Hope you all had a great Sunday, whether it was a particularly special one or not! :D

Actually, I seem to have missed posting for the last two weeks. I've not been doing much. I certainly should have been - lots of homework, revision for January exams... And I guess I missed the most recent LJ fuckup too? Man. (I have a Dreamwidth too! You know, if anyone cares... I don't really post on it, but I haven't really been posting much at all, so I might as well start.)

More importantly, this year's haul:
- Disgaea DS from my grandad, an early present before he went home on Christmas Eve. If it seems oddly well-chosen considering he can't read a word of English and has never played a video game in his life, it's because I dragged him over to the computer and waved frantically at the Amazon page. ♥ But he's gone now that Mum's exam season is over, so she has to do her own cooking again. Um, also the game itself is awesome and horribly addictive (I clocked up close to 30 hours in the first three days of owning it...) and really hurting my inclination to do anything work-related. I guess I am into SRPGs after all, huh?
- an actually wallet-sized wallet! You cannot grasp how amazing this is! I am so over fumbling for the giant pink-and-white monstrosity in my bag at Tesco while everyone in the queue behind glares.
- an umbrella and a really nice scarf from the parents; the umbrella is also especially awesome because it appears to be at least slightly sturdier than a lollipop stick, unlike all the ones I've had previously
- awesome socks from several people. When I get impossibly excited about mundane gifts, does that mean I've grown up? If I've grown up, does that mean I have to sink more thought and money into gifts than just cards and occasionally chocolate? Aw shit.
- entirely too many sweets (offloaded onto Matt)
- Doctor Who! It made me cry. More than the average DW special, even. :'D There were points you could criticise from a feminist standpoint, but not as many as I was bracing myself for. And the Doctor's body language after "well I'm not going to hug first" was the greatest thing ever. This is not hyperbole.

Before that, I finally caught up with Digimon Hunters aka Xros Wars Episode II: Attack of the Goggleheads. And wow - there could be any number of reasons why (having an entire term to anticipate catching up, low expectations coming in from XW, the blatant cribbing from Tamers in the opening sequence setting off some reflexive , sleep deprivation addling my sense of judgment...), but I am genuinely looking forward to the rest of it! Even before I heard about one particular spoiler and then four others, which made me melt with so much squee that my brother came upstairs to tell me to shut up as I was distracting him from Angry Birds.

In unrelated news, I wore my lovely grey #heyladies shirt for "Feel Free to Talk to Me If I'm Wearing a Dinosaur Comics T-shirt" day. But I wore it under another shirt, under a jacket, under a coat and then under another coat because it was cold. Then again, it's not like I went out at all except out my front door for a driving lesson and then two minutes down the road to pick up some bread, so no opportunity lost... I hope.

Sigh. I do love Warwick, but all I can think is that I have less than two weeks before the grind starts back up again.
Tags: \o/, digimon, fangirling, rl, video games
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