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Digimon 30-day meme, day 111

Day 22: Favourite villain.

Hard to say - I mean, I assume this question is about villains being effective or memorable instead of likeable, but there are still a few different ways to gauge them! As an interesting character: even though he only showed up after 02 had gone completely off the rails, Oikawa was pretty compelling. Plus, unlike what arguably happened with other characters in this franchise *cough*KenKouichiYuu*cough*, there wasn't enough of the season left after his redemption for him to get completely sidelined. In terms of scariness: the D-Reaper, no contest. Though, slightly more than the J-Reaper, I actually find the little bird-like agents that show up early on to be the creepiest. The way they're introduced... brrr.

Day 23: Least favourite villain.

I'd actually count "amount that I cheered when they finally went down" as a measure of villain effectiveness too, but apparently not? I don't know. It used to be Piemon - the visceral satisfaction I get when Angemon finally hits Perfect and proceeds to walk all over him is probably never going to change. Then that honour was usurped by DarkKnightmon, who was approximately as smug but had so many more episodes for it to show (god, him and his stupid laugh). But I finished watching Savers the other day, so now it's unequivocally Kurata. Fuck Kurata.

Day 24: Favourite minor character.

Who qualifies as minor? I mean, in Hunters my favourite character outside of the old Xros Heart gang is Hideaki, but I swear by the end he'd had at least as many lines as Ren and about as much plot impact (i.e. basically none) (actually, did he have more? He helped hunt MetallifeKuwagamon, he cornered Old Clock Dude for Tagiru that one time...) (oh well, not like there was much plot to impact). Meh. On less confusing grounds: Hiroaki and the other parents in Adv, Iori's grandfather in 02, all of the not-Janyuu-or-Shibumi!Wild Bunch plus Reika (and Megumi I guess?) in Tamers, Miki and whoever the other one is in Savers. It's nice to have grown-ups who actually Do Things, okay. :< Oh, and Kaoru in Hunters was fairly cool too. I think I liked the not-Chosen kids in Frontier, but I don't even remember their names so I can't have liked them that much.

Day 25: Favourite episode.
Adv: OUR WAR GAME asdffds too many. :( 21 is the most obvious one, but I've also racked up a few rewatches of 43 (first Pinocchimon ep) and 48+49 (Mugendramon being evil, Taichi being big-brotherly, Koushirou being awesome, Hikari being Hikari). And the ending. That ending. :'|||
02: Another predictable answer! 23, a.k.a. Ken angsts for 20 minutes straight. Though it wouldn't have been my answer until a short while ago when I realised I had a crush on Romi Park's voice went back and rewatched it. Runner-up is 38, the Christmas ep and crusher of many shippers' dreams.
Savers: This should be the clearest in my mind, but it's not. ._. Were the episode where they all start climbing Yggdrasil and the episode where Masaru could suddenly fly the same episode, or were they consecutive? If they were the same, it's that one.
Xros Wars: XW proper, I don't even care. Hunters: 24. That is all.

Day 01: How old were you when you first discovered Digimon?
Day 02: Favourite character.
Day 03: Which digivice do you like best?
Day 04: Favourite digital monster.
Day 05: Favourite crest.
Day 06: A couple you wish existed.
Day 07: A couple you can’t stand.
Day 08: Favourite couple.
Day 09: Favourite friendship.
Day 10: Favourite season.
Day 11: Who do you think wore the goggles best?
Day 12: Least favourite digital monster.
Day 13: Least favourite character.
Day 14: Least favourite season.
Day 15: A character you’d be best friends with.
Day 16: A character you would not get along with.
Day 17: Best dressed character.
Day 18: Worst dressed character.
Day 19: A moment that made you happy.
Day 20: A moment that made you sad.
Day 21: A moment that made you angry.
Day 22: Favourite villain.
Day 23: Least favourite villain.
Day 24: Favourite minor character.
Day 25: Favourite episode.

Day 26: What crest would you have?
Day 27: Would you ever have a Digimon for a pet?
Day 28: English names vs Japanese names (Which do you prefer?).
Day 29: Favourite quote.
Day 30: An unpopular opinion.
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