skarme (blitzente) wrote,

Look, I draw shit! (The best way to parse that sentence? However you want! Except literally, because ew no.)

A crappy sketched-out comic. Title: 'MEANWHILE IN THE XW UNIVERSE: CERN, Switzerland'. Panel 1: A woman and a man who are meant to look like a bit like Reika and Yamaki from Tamers but don't really. The woman is holding a sheet of paper covered in squiggles that are meant to be particle tracks. 'I think you'd better look at this.' 'What is it? The Higgs?!' 'Just - just look.' Panel 2: 'We put together the calculations from the last round of collisions. These are the tracks we got.' 'So the most fundamental particle, the one that anything with mass NEEDS to have is...' Panel 3: Zoom into paper, reveal Taiki Kudou stick figure in the corner. 'Yep. Bizarre, huh?'
Tags: \o/, digimon, doodling, hunters, xros wars
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