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Here's a list of anime I've been thinking about watching at some point, in rough order of how much I want to... because clearly I'm not failing hard enough at everything just yet.

Revolutionary Girl Utena
+ It's got a good reputation! And TV Tropes tells me I like watching genre deconstructions, so it's a logical step.
- Kind of... heavy, apparently? I figure that's not really a downside - and I found the Bokurano anime uplifting, so maybe my perception is skewed anyway - but maybe a reason to put it off until things are less hectic around here and I settle down a bit.

+ I like the manga enough to actually keep up with it despite not being much of a manga person (although I have absolutely no idea what the plot is at this point), so it would probably be interesting? AFAIK it's quite faithful up until the end too, so not much risk of inducing fangirl rage. Also, a blogger I follow recently wrapped up a "deconstruction" / running commentary of the anime, and that was super neat.
- Um, blood. Since I'm a wuss. The manga has some, and it's already probably the goriest thing I'm into that isn't a book (yes I am aware this is a series where a large mob can hack and slash at one woman for friggin' ages and give her nothing worse than a scratch on the face), but I hear the anime just revels in it.

The Girl Who Leapt Through Time
+ It's by the Our War Game guy!
- I don't know anything else about it. At all. Well, I know that Digimon Hunters stole its name, but that doesn't count.

Neon Genesis Evangelion
+ No, I've never watched it. Well, that's not totally true - I've seen clips of the ending and various other bits. But everything else I know about it is through osmosis.
- The stuff about being heavy probably applies here too.

+ ...I really liked Bokurano? Although it was the anime, which IIRC did go out of its way to make things happier. And I suppose I know the genre it's screwing with slightly better than I know giant robot shows or magical girls.
- Actually, I've been spoiled for this and it doesn't sound much like my cup of tea. But last I checked, it's linked on the TV Tropes page for Digimon Tamers as an example of something similar, and I really want to see exactly how wrong that is. (If it's not wrong at all, I'll be very surprised. :|)

Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood
+ Don't want to knock it before I've tried it... And hey, characters that I'm already very very emotionally attached to, doing stuff I haven't seen them do before - that's got to be worth something, right?
- It's not on Youtube in my region, baww. I did manage to watch episode 1 subbed despite that, but decided the rest wasn't worth the fiddliness. Have I mentioned that gore and babies-ever-after happy endings are generally kind of turn-offs for me? (Separately. Although if there's any work of fiction that has done both at the same time, I'm morbidly curious.)

Abenobashi Mahou Shoutengai
+ Seems fun! And not heavy for a change.
- I know absolutely nothing about it beyond its TV Tropes summary and a few entries on other pages.

Princess Tutu
+ Have heard it described as "what Digimon Tamers was trying to be". Them's fighting words.
- Watched episode 1 on Youtube a while back and it was all right, even cute, but it didn't grip me. It was dubbed, but if that's the only reason then I'm more of a snob than I thought. Supposedly the darker stuff all comes later, though. Is that a good thing?

The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya
+ It's kind of popular, y'know. There might be a reason for that. And I thought Lucky Star was okay, I guess.
- Where - where do you even start. <.<

Serial Experiments Lain
+ I am a massive fangirl. I'm sorry. :(
- Again, watched episode 1, wasn't hooked enough to go any further. The main reason I want to watch it is to be able to say I have watched it, which isn't the best reason.

Input on the order? Other recs? Anti-recs? *awaits crickets*
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