skarme (blitzente) wrote,

It's Towel Day / the Glorious Twenty-Fifth of May / my birthday! It is today. Actually, as I'm typing this it isn't quite yet, but it will be in about an hour and I can just leave the tab open until then.

Definitely won't be doing anything that I haven't been doing since Tuesday (i.e. procrastinating, panicking, more procrastinating and then melting because holy crap what's going on I thought this was England), though apparently the family might drop by tomorrow instead, which will make a change. Even if I wanted to do something noteworthy, who would I do it with? -_- But at least that means I can already list off this year's haul with confidence:

- some money so that I can splurge on games at some point in the post-exam future without it coming out of my student loan. Hooray!
- the first FMA anime S1, S2 and movie on DVD; hey, guess what fandom I'm still new enough to that I haven't progressed past the everything-is-beautiful gushing stage yet?
- emails from forums I forgot I ever registered at (this is standard)
- a bottle of non-Diet Coke - picked it up today and put it in the fridge, because what the hell, I haven't had one in forever
- angst
- pocket lint.

As for what games... obviously it would be a terrible idea to buy any before next month, so I've got a bit of time to decide. Whenever anywhere allows preorders of Pokémon BW2 in English, they'll be first, but after that? Either sitting on the rest until more preorderable things (read: ANIMAL CROSSING MY PRECIOUS, COME TO ME) come out, or getting something like FFXII that I planned to play at some point but wasn't terribly desperate for. Don't worry, I'm not going to save it for a rainy day seriously weather make up your mind we had two solid weeks of them and now this; I'm great at frivolous spending.
Tags: me me me, rl
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