skarme (blitzente) wrote,

Pokémon 30-day meme, day 4

Day 4 - Favorite Eeveelution

If Eevee itself doesn't count (and it should! Look how fluffy it is!), then I'm torn between Jolteon and Espeon. Jolteon has the coolness factor and a tendency to kick all kinds of ass ingame, but Espeon... if you weren't really attached to it, you wouldn't have one, would you? Plus, Synchronise is neat. And Magic Bounce would be neater, if I had one. *completed that annoying minigame ages ago for one but the promotion expired before I could get wifi access, grumble grumble*

Day 1 - Your favourite Pokemon
Day 2 - Your least favourite Pokemon
Day 3 - Favorite starter Pokemon
Day 4 - Favorite Eeveelution

Day 5 - Favorite legendary Pokemon
Day 6 - Most terrifying Pokemon
Day 7 - Most adorable Pokemon
Day 8 - Most amusing Pokemon
Day 9 - Favorite Pokemon type
Day 10 - Least favorite Pokemon type
Day 11 - Favorite new Pokemon from Black & White
Day 12 - Favorite Pokemon attack or move
Day 13 - If you lived in the Pokemon world, what would you be?
Day 14 - If you were a gym leader, what would be your specialty?
Day 15 - Favorite region in the Pokemon world
Day 16 - If you could live anywhere in the Pokemon world, where would it be?
Day 17 - If you could be any Pokemon, what would you be?
Day 18 - Favorite Gym Leader
Day 19 - Favorite Elite 4 member/Champion
Day 20 - Favorite Pokemon Professor
Day 21 - Favorite Pokemon bad guys
Day 22 - Favorite Rival
Day 23 - A Pokemon which reminds you of a friend
Day 24 - A Pokemon you’d find useful in real-life
Day 25 - A Pokemon based on your favorite animal
Day 26 - A Pokemon that is your favorite colour
Day 27 - Favorite Pokemon game
Day 28 - What did you nickname your rival?
Day 29 - Favorite Pokemon tune or song
Day 30 - Most nostalgic element of Pokemon
Tags: memes, pokemon
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