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As of 11:30 this morning, exam season for me is officially half over! Ten days' break, another three days of Physics exams, and that'll be the end of my first year (apart from resits, of which I will certainly need at least one, but I don't care about them just yet). Hard to believe. Quite a lot of people are already finishing, but I'm not going to complain about having more revision time. And, um, time to do things other than revision. (I mentioned I got DVDs for my birthday, right? Then I went for a walk because it was my birthday and I can go for walks whenever the hell I want, and by sheer coincidence there happened to be a sale going on in the SU atrium on the same day, so I bought myself an Eddie Izzard DVD as well. They're all sitting up there on the shelf, staring.)

Here's the summary of the exams that were this week. Linear Algebra: the first one so there was some panicking, but also the one I was least worried about, and I think it went okay. Abstract Algebra: exam itself went all right, but I forgot to write the question numbers on the front of the script; fingers figuratively crossed this won't cause some sort of administrative apocalypse. Analysis II: fuck fuck fuck fuck fuuuuuuuuck moving on. Differential Equations: after Analysis, I could hardly bring myself to bother, so shouldn't have been surprised when the paper turned out tougher than I would've liked.

Honestly, I think I had a decent stab at all of them, and that's probably the best I can hope for from any exam. Abstract Algebra I don't desperately need to pass; in the rest, 40% is the magic not-getting-kicked-off-the-course number. I guess I can be cautiously optimistic. Not that there's much point feeling any other way; I can't exactly worry about any of them now.

As for what happens next... well, I'd like to spend the rest of the weekend doing absolutely nothing productive at all. Maybe I'll make a musebox! For no reason, because I might as well just write fanfic, but that would be productive. In a sense.
Tags: rambling, rl
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