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I passed my first year, y'all!! I don't even need to resit anything!

Needed a 2:1 to stay on the honours course, a 2:2 not to be kicked out entirely... and I got a 2:1! A pretty decent one, too! I went to see my tutor to get the marks breakdown and she told me if they'd rounded the marks up instead of down, it would've been a First - it was that borderline. But I can't bring myself to be all that frustrated, because I passed. I passed my first year at uni, people.

As for that marks breakdown... predictably my maths is better than my physics, but not all of the physics was terrible! Apart from Mechanics, which ahahaha was the one exam I pretty much did no revision for, they were all comfortable passes! So that was a nice surprise, because I was all set to spend July hitting the books. Well, it's probably a good idea in any case, but at least there's no pressure any more. |D On the other end of things, my highest mark was in Java Programming, which was nice because that was a big friggin' module and there's a C Programming module next year I had my eye on.

I am just melting with relief right now, seriously. I had to sit down at a cafe table by myself after seeing the pass list because I didn't feel up to walking back straight away. It's only the first year, I know, and it gets much rougher... but I passed. I apparently can actually do this course - not amazingly by any means, but solidly! I apparently can cope with university, even. For me, after the spate of off days I've been having for a few months, this is a big fucking deal. I'm not sorry.

(I'm sorry for all the italics and exclamation marks, though! The alternative was capslock.)
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