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On Friday, Mum had the bright idea of driving all of us down to take the Eurostar and go to France for the Bank Holiday weekend. Her enthusiasm was not dampened when I pointed out we could book neither the train nor anywhere to stay without a functional internet connection, and going without booking would maybe not be the greatest idea considering it's still just about August. It did, however, peter out by itself on Sunday in the car about twenty minutes away from London. So we wound up hanging around there for an awkward afternoon, then stopped overnight in my flat in Coventry (where the internet works!) because she didn't feel like driving all the way back home straight away but didn't want the trouble of finding a couple of rooms in London either.

And, you know, I didn't really mind. London's all right to visit. When we're there as a family, we always end up in Chinatown before long, and this was no exception - but we did visit a few of the stereotypical touristy things afterwards (which kid brother had never seen, and I hadn't since I was about his age), or at least walked past them: Buckingham Palace (didn't spot any parachutes), Trafalgar Square, hopping on and off a couple of red buses just for the hell of it... Kid brother wanted to go on the London Eye, but knowing what he's normally like in any queue that lasts longer than two seconds, his parents decisively shot him down; we just looked at it from across the river and took photos. Oh, and we went for a walk around the Olympic Paralympic Park, which was unsettlingly quiet. (Spotted a handful of athletes, though! That was neat!) Then we got lost in the shopping centre next to it on the way back to the station. So that was okay, in retrospect. Unfortunately, for me, breakfast was non-existent, lunch wasn't fantastic - one of the many, many tiny out-of-the-way diners in Chinatown, where I didn't recognise anything on the menus and stupidly asked Mum to pick something at random for me; next time I'm going to ask stepdad, who is, y'know, a chef... - and dinner was kid brother's leftovers after he insisted on stopping at a service station for KFC, so I was horribly cranky the entire time, I'm sorry to say.

Then yesterday, since we were there and it was still Bank Holiday weekend, we drove down to Stratford-upon-Avon before heading home. It's a really lovely town even if it is so blatantly touristy - I should go there by myself sometime, since it's not far from Coventry at all - and would have been lovelier still if it hadn't started chucking it down partway through the afternoon. Before that, we visited a little waxworks-ish thing about the Tudors that was clearly ripped wholesale from inspired by Horrible Histories (I think I would've drunk that stuff down ten years ago; my brother got scared by the voice clips they were playing and hid behind Mum until she shepherded him out early), poked around the market a little and had some terribly overpriced fish and chips. After that, we decided screw it and did go home.

I guess it was fun, all things considered. My mood could've been better, and probably nobody else enjoyed having to put up with it, but feeling like a massive asshole in the fresh air among other tourists made a nice change from feeling like a massive asshole while lying around this house like the useless lump I am.

In other news, stepdad is opening a second restaurant next month! And then he's going back to Warwick to ask again if he can open one there, because last year they told him he didn't have enough experience. For selfish and lazy reasons, I hope they let him this time :D (No, that isn't the reason why he's going for Warwick in particular, I'm not that much of a brat... but it would be nice all the same!)
Tags: rambling, rl, travel
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