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Okay, I don't tend to regale the internet much with the fascinating details of my periods, but it's kind of fucking hard not to when the cramps keep me up literally all night. They aren't normally this bad, at least not on the first day! My heavier days tend to be the second or third, IIRC... I'm usually the kind of person who only realises it's even started when I go to the toilet and notice there's blood trickling down my leg. But nooo, apparently my uterus wanted to shake things up a little just for me. Thanks. Thanks a lot.

So, current status: cranky, in pain, full of snot because of this fucking cold that has refused to get out of my system since mid-June, sleep deprived, splitting headache, wallowing in self-loathing because what the shit else are you going to do when you have nothing else to think about apart from goddamned cramps all night, and unreasonably stressed out because I need to get up to do productive shit anyway and I'm on an encroaching deadline and fuck it make me I don't care. What a wonderful time to be alive!
Tags: rargh, rl, tmi
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