skarme (blitzente) wrote,

Settled in a bit, I think. Problem is, what I've settled into is having this flat to myself, and barring anything drastic (which I'm not quite ruling out, but...) flatmate will arrive tomorrow around lunchtime. The place seems about big enough for me; I don't know about two people... Hopefully she'll keep to herself and it'll be more or less the same as last year in halls, just a bit more cramped.

If it wasn't for the bills, I'd probably refuse to advertise. It's probably unhealthy, but there you go. :\

Mum was going to drop by round about the weekend, but she got too worried and bumped it up to yesterday, when she expressed surprise that I hadn't completely flooded the bathroom yet and took me out for lunch. That means she can't drop by again for another couple of weeks, though.

I miss her already. Kid brother is almost an afterthought, and stepdad barely registers, which is probably terrible of me.
Tags: me me me, rl
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