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At this point in the summer holidays, I've forgotten how I ever managed to wake myself up before 11 AM without an alarm.

Stuff that's happened:

One thing that hasn't happened yet: Camp NaNoWriMo! How did I not know what it was until last week? I hope to make up for it fully in August - well, apart from being a slight rebel and reworking my 2008 NaNo from the ground up. I have no idea whether I'll have the time to do regular NaNo, so it'll be nice to have done at least one of them this year. (Hell yes, mangled tenses are my ticket to 50k!) Anyone else out there thinking of doing August too?

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Even though it's the holidays, I don't yet have all the free time I'd like thanks to the piano exam on Monday, but I've been able to waste my time in new and interesting ways, at least if you define "ways" as "video games, mostly". I haven't wasted those Christmas and birthday IOUs. :D

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Apart from the above, I maxed out four characters' stats on Final Fantasy X because I'm sad, watched episodes 3-12 of Puella Magi Madoka Magica in one night, became scared of everything including the dark, wheels and children's paintings... that's about it.

Tonight is Captain Jack (and Gwen?) night! I'm successfully unspoilt, but I heard episode 1 is pretty okay, so here's hoping it'll be entertaining whether it's good or bad. And then down to London to see TMBG tomorrow, which is going to be terrifying.

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HELL YES EXAMS ARE OVER CAPSLOCK GLEE what I would say, except I've been guilt-tripped into resitting the piano diploma I already failed twice, purely because the mother is bitter about never getting music lessons as a kid and doesn't approve of me going off to do Maths and Physics instead. (She admitted that much. I've run out of the energy I need to keep picking on her. Well, at first she talked about how useful it could be in the future, if I'm ever in such a bad situation that I can't hold down a single remotely maths/physics-y job but somehow have the ~£300 plus lesson money required to get a qualification actually worth something. AFAIK, the only thing a DipABRSM qualifies you for that Grade 8 doesn't is being able to take the second level of diploma... But I digress.) It bothers me somewhat because the exam is just a couple of days after I'm going down to London to see TMBG again, and also it'll cut into the time I was setting aside for driving lessons, but meh.

Recap of exams that actually matter: Maths seemed pretty okay (I'm sort of counting on an A* there), English Language was a gift of a paper (I don't need to revise to write feminist rants! I'd happily do that in my spare time!), Further Maths went half-great and half-catastrophic, Physics I don't even care because exams are over. \o/ Though I do wonder why the Physics exam was so late - no idea whether it was just this year or every year, but we couldn't even do the exam in the hall because Year 11's end-of-term assembly was going on in there.

Anyway, the summer is a time to do all the geeky stuff I've neglected lately! First item on the agenda: watch a new anime, because I haven't got into a new series for a little while. I picked Puella Magi Madoka Magica for no reason other than I ran into the name one too many times around the Internet. I found episodes 1 and 2 streaming somewhere a while ago, and they seemed cool! Kagami Hiiragi is a smiling bunny thing! I mean, I've been spoiled to hell and back so I know those episodes aren't indicative, but hell, it's the summer. I don't need sleep any more.

Oh, and the second item will be fanfic, with any luck. Inconveniently-timed plot bunnies, I can finally put you to rest.

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A list of the crap currently wrong with my computer (not the Mac, which I'm typing from, but the desktop which I believe is slightly older than my brother):

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Is it worth scrapping it and getting a new one? Even just a new monitor and keyboard. I got a bit of money for my birthday and I might be able to pick up a 3DS through other means, so I guess I could find something second-hand and cheerful after exam season... but I'm not keen on the idea.

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Happy Towel Day*, everyone! Including me. I'm a grown-up now! It's kind of surreal, in a completely unexciting way. Not sure what I was hoping for, though... apart from an overnight growth spurt, preferably at least 20cm or so. That didn't happen. Still languishing just under 5'3" here.

Stuff I have got (but mostly received before today)
- a bit of cash, which is always nice
- the promise of a 3DS in the distant future, by which I mean July
- a sonic screwdriver
- all the other components of my Eleventh Doctor costume - I hope it goes down well
- the Join Us advance + preorder, but only of the downloads; probably will want the CD at some point, but that's a problem for another day
- 3 tickets for the TMBG gig in London - if I can't find anyone else to take the third, I'll open it up to the comm or eBay or something
- a Dreamwidth account - could've bought with Christmas money (there's still a couple of pounds left) but I didn't think about it until yesterday. No plans to migrate, mind!
- hugs
- kid brother's left sock (he threw it at me. How else am I meant to interpret that?)

In any case, it's all fairly unimportant at the moment due to the whole holy shit we're leaving school in two freakin' days thing, and probably will remain unimportant until the 27th June when my exams finish. The news might have properly sunk in by then.

...Um. I can buy alcohol, I guess? Buy alcohol and just leave it there at the till, since I don't drink. Oh, and I'd have to use the birthday money because I'm otherwise broke.

* It's on the back of my chair.
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Doctor Who 6x04, "The Doctor's Wife"

Oh man, I feel more fanful than I have all year. No kidding. How perfect was that, though? I mean, obviously it was going to be incredible from the mere association with friggin' Neil Gaiman, but I was getting worried it would fall a little bit short of the absurd hype. That? Did not happen.

Just a bullet point-ish list, then, because I am far too happy to put anything more insightful / coherent together:

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Next week is... the person responsible for Fear Her? Eh... I don't think it's the worst series 2 episode. Any episode would find this one a tough act to follow, so we'll see.

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Three more weeks until the permanent end of school. (Not in the American sense, hopefully.) It's been mandated from on high that we have to be in fancy dress, and the theme is "superheroes", so I'm going as Eleven. He's an alien and he saves people, didn't that work for Superman?

Stuff I have:
  • dark hair - I guess I can wear a ponytail and flip it over the front of my face if anyone questions it
  • red clip-on bow tie
  • fez
  • a jacket with elbow pads that fits me! It's slightly too light a brown, but that's minor considering I found something affordable that fit me!
  • Eleven's screwdriver - I already had one, but it was Nine/Ten's. This one is an early birthday present - which means I'm not getting a 3DS for the time being, but what the hell, all I'd do with it right now is ruin my A-levels.
  • a TARDIS - it lights up and goes vworp when you wave it around. Also the Nine/Ten model. I'll probably cut a little badge out of paper and blu-tack it on. Not bothered about dressing up the interior because the door is so small and tends to get stuck anyway.
  • a Team TARDIS! Amy will be played by Claus the Dalek, who is a redhead in a skirt. Not sure about the casting of Rory, although I'd like an excuse to bring in T-Rex (they have being adorable in common!). No River planned, unless I get a volunteer to put on a curly wig and Collapse )
  • iPod speakers in order to play music at appropriately dramatic moments
  • genuinely being from the Midlands, albeit a totally different bit
Stuff I still need:
  • an extra foot of height (not quite, but closer than I want to admit)
  • a species change (marginally more likely than the first item)
  • braces - not wanting to go out and buy these if I'm never wearing them again, but I had the idea of cutting out two long strips of red wrapping paper and taping them to the shirt...
  • the shirt. Irritatingly, in the same shop I found the jacket, I also found a shirt that would've been perfect, only it was the last one and a few sizes too small. Doesn't that always happen?
I've never cosplayed before. I'm not sure I would again. It seems like a lot of effort - definitely more than I put into my prom outfit a couple of years back, or will for the upcoming one.

There was an actual episode today, too! It was all right, it's just that anything coming after the last two-parter had a lot of work to do. Collapse )

Next week? OMGOMGOMG.