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☆ SKARME // because I'm sure you all want to know about me

Chronic Brit, teenage geek, slight nerd, amateur freethinker, all-round fangirl. Not a very nice person at all.

☆ FANDOMS // the ones I'm vocal about; see interests for more
Proud shipper of: Taichi/Takato! And about twenty other pairings, cross-season or otherwise.
Favourite seasons: Tamers by a mile, followed by Adventure. Frontier was fun too.
Favourite characters: Very nearly the entire Tamers cast, plus Taichi, Koushirou, Junpei, Takuya...
Favourite Digimon: Guilmon's entire evolutionary line! Although Darkdramon, Renamon, DORUmon, MetalGreymon, Megadramon and generally most of the big badass dragons / birds of prey are all very close.
The dub: Some weird decisions, but it didn't hurt the show's charm in a meaningful way. Doesn't deserve the flak.
Recent seasons?: I miss the quality characterisation, but they all have their moments. And fanservice, well, that's been in the franchise since the start.

Best generation: Generation II have the nostalgia factor, but IV marked the point when I really started getting invested in these games. And V was a breath of fresh air.
Competitive battling: I like it! Not particularly good at it, though. I'm the kind of fan who breeds and EV trains in-game, and it doesn't stop me using my favourites.
Pokémon Special: Love. ♥♥♥
The anime: Watched it as a kid, because I didn't live under a rock, but stopped before Indigo had properly finished. Not really interested in starting again.
Favourite Pokémon: Tyranitar! Runners-up: Skarmory, Torchic, Lati@s, Joltik.

Doctor Who
Have watched: Seven: seasons 25 and 26. Nine: a bit. Ten: everything. Eleven: everything to date, but not the games. Would like to fix the embarrassing lack of old-school at some point.
My Doctor: Ten originally, but Eleven is a serious contender.
Stories I like: Remembrance of the Daleks, Battlefield, Blink, The Fires of Pompeii, The Stolen Earth (but not part 2), The Big Bang, The Doctor's Wife.
Rusty or the Moff?: RTD can write plots. Moffat can write characters. Both come with their own gender issues and other baggage. But the series 4 specials were RTD's, so I'm leaning Moffat until he commits something worse.
Characters I like: Pond Two Rory ♥, Ace, Donna, Martha, Jack.
What about Rose?: I'll pass.

The Sarah Jane Adventures
Stories I like: Eye of the Gorgon, Whatever Happened To Sarah Jane?, The Last Sontaran, Secrets of the Stars, Death of the Doctor, Goodbye, Sarah Jane Smith, The Man Who Wasn't There.
Favourite characters: Alan, Luke, Maria, Rani, Clyde, Sarah Jane, Haresh, Gita, Chrissy. That's nearly all of the major characters, isn't it? Eh, they deserve it.
Team SJA vs. Torchwood?: Team SJA would win, absolutely. Unless the contest was, I don't know, who could accidentally unleash the most destructive cosmic horror onto the unsuspecting Earth in the course of an hour.

Favourite stories: Night Watch, Thud!, Lords and Ladies, Jingo, Monstrous Regiment, Reaper Man... but I love all of them! Even the earlier ones, though for me the "newer" (and better) books begin with Wyrd Sisters.
Favourite series: The Watch books. Although the Witches books are damn close, and of course you have to have a soft spot for Rincewind too.
Favourite characters: Granny Weatherwax is up there, but there's no competing with Vimes.
The next Patrician: I like the idea of Ridcully, although he'd either turn down the offer or his regime would collapse after about two seconds.
Where's my cow? Is that my cow?: It goes, "HRRRUUUGH!" It is a hippopotamus! That's not my cow!

Avatar: The Last Airbender / The Legend of Korra
Bryke Brychael: Horrible, horrible people. Horrible and awesome.
Favourite characters: A:TLA: Iroh, Sokka, Aang, Katara, Zuko, oh hell let's say everybody. Azula was a character I loved to hate up until the Book 3 finale, which I think was a work of art. Korra: ALL THE CHARACTERS. But particularly Bolin, who is flawless.
Preferred ships: Sokka/Zuko, Sokka/Aang, Iroh/tea, Borra Kolin...
Best element?: I would say Air, but nobody wants to get on Toph's bad side.

They Might Be Giants
JF or JL?: Trick question. Next!
Things I own: Most of my physical collection is listed here. It's not impressive, but it's mine. As far as digital goes... well, keep it between us, OK?
Favourite albums: Lincoln, John Henry, Factory Showroom and The Spine. They're all great, though!
Favourite songs: A list would take up too much space.
Any dislikes?: "Spider", in all of its permutations.
Do you contribute to this fandom at all?: Not really. RPF kind of scares me.

Fullmetal Alchemist
Manga, 2003 anime or Brotherhood?: 2003. Haven't read/watched the others... yet.
The ending? CoS?: The former grew on me, the latter and I reached an agreement.
Ships: Not hugely into anything, but Royai is okay.
Aren't you getting into this kind of late?: Yep.

☆ OUTSIDE FANDOM // it's not much of a life

Main interests: Writing, reading, sketching, dreaming up plots for original characters that never come to fruition, being incompetent at foreign languages (Japanese, mainly), lurking around various blogs and wikis, typing in a pretentious way, science.
Attention span: About half an hour. This is why I never manage to finish anything.
Pet peeves: Dark text on dark backgrounds, light text on light backgrounds, eye-bleedy layouts in general, being mistaken for somebody else, weaponised humiliation.
Console wars: Nintendo for life!
Ad-enabled account?: Never! Well, so much for that.

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